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7 Step to open an bottle water plant factory in Africa/South America (Fast working)

Open an bottle water plant factory in Africa is an good business. You can link this The best business in Africa is “Bottled water business” to know more about this business. This article only write 7step directly open an bottled water factory in Africa.

neptune engineer abroad installation water bottling plant

1. Hire an bottle water plant machinery engineer manager

The machinery supplier can offer installation and maintain, but anyone want open an bottled water plant must hire an manager engineer locally. The manager engineer at least need know electricity and basic English. It will better for future maintain connection with supplier and solve small problem fast in factory.

2. Find an factory room for bottle water plant

According different bottling line, find an production room or build an production room. The water treatment room must 5 degree tilt for waste water or water drop slide to gutter. And the water treatment room must have gutter also. The water treatment room better for seal and keep clean.


Production room better 200-800square metter depend on which bottling line choice. Machinery supplier usually will offer water bottling line layout for buyer to find an factory building or bulided it by themselves.

3. Find resource water.

City water, borehole water is the best choice. Salt water and river water future will costly filter. Because it is water business. The raw water stable is important. If small flow or not stable. It is not very good as an raw water for water bottling factory. City water is the best choice. Because it is stable and easy to got.

4. Design bottle and label for water bottling plant

IMG 3640
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Bottle design and label design are very important for an bottled water brand business in future. It not only need professional design but also experienced design. They must know every step and detail about bottled water business. Reduce mistake and error during the bussines. The materials order number ususally is big number. If mistake will lead large first time materials waste.

5. Buy suitable water bottling plant

small bottle water filling line 3800

Neptune machinery company supplier different production pure water bottling line as follow. Send us inquiry if you intersting .

1000BPH Semiautomatic Water Filling Line

2000BPH Automatic Water Filling Line 

This completely automatic water bottle filling machine line comes with everything you need to get your water bottling line up and running.After you bought back connect with water and power, put into materials, it can start production without any extra equipment. You can buy materials from local. Aslo you can buy materiasl from us first.

6. Import and freight

Supplier of the water bottling line usually can arrange export and shipment, buyer paid the shipment cost. The ship will cost monthly arrived. Then notice buyer the goods arrived. The buyer must got bill of loading from the supplier and go to the seaport to clean import process. Usually buyer can find an local ship agent to help them do it . It is very easy.

7. Installation and training

Do well the electricity and raw water connection. Then ready the materiasl. Buyer can let supplier sending engineer coming installation and training worker.