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2000BPH Automatic Water Bottling Machine

2000BPH Automatic Water Bottling Machine for small sacle bottle range from 200ml to 2000ml , pure water mineral water and soda water

fob price $ 13,000.00

Automatic water bottling machine collect rinser, filler and capper in one monoblock machine. It is widely use for bottling pure water and mineral water.

It is the smallest monoblock filling machine in the world. It only have 8 psc washing head, 8 psc filling head and 3 psc filling head. But its speed no slow. It can reach 2500 bottles per hour depend on 500ml bottle. And it can running 24 hours per day to reach 60000 bottles per day.

Every valve finished working on one bottle and will moving to next bottle around the 360 degree disk. It is continued working without any stop.

It is fully automatic water bottling machine which save worker labor. Easy use and control by PLC. It is the new water bottling machine. Little-know way to increase filling efficiency with less cost.

Layout Of The 2000BPH automatic Water Bottling Machine

883 Water Bottling Machine

8set catch bottle for washing bottle. The bottle are washing outside and inside by the flushing water from the moving washing head. 8 set filling valve filler pure water into the bottle and moving with the bottle together.

Then cap loading and feeding cap for every pass bottle water. 3 set magnetic twist full-tooth capping heads will screw bottle water with cap. It is automatic slip to ensure cap will not damaged by too much tightening.



Every rinser head is moving synchronously with bottle while washing the plastic bottle. It working around 360 degree disk.



Every filler head is moving synchronously with bottle while filling water into the bottle. It working around 360 degree disk.



Every capper head is moving synchronously with bottle while capping the bottle water. It working around 360 degree disk.

Video Of The Rotary Bottled Water Filling Machine

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Its speed only 2000bottles per hour depend on 500ml bottled water. Production is very stable.

It is an best machine for people do not have experienced. All is setting well before out factory and do not need change any setting.

Rinser, filler and capper are all rotary type, So that whole machine is continued bottling water without any delay or waiting like linear type.

Parameter Of 2000BPH automatic Bottled Water Filling Machine

Production Capacity2000-2500 bottles/h
Washing Head Quantity8
Filling Valve Quantity8
Capping Head Quantity3
Filling TemperatureNormal temperature
Main Motor Power3.42KW
Bottle diameter40-102mm
Bottle height130-30mm
Air resource pressure0.5Mpa
Filling Water1-1.5T/H
Consume Water0.8T/H
Control TypePLC
Central Diameter of Filling Valve320mm
Central Diameter of Capping Machine120mm
Central Diameter of Washing Machine320mm
Dimension1850 X 1450X2000mm
Net Weight:1200kg 

  • Mohamed fathi
    Mohamed fathi

    I come to China with my brother for a lot time. And visit neptune and fast confirm buy whole water line from them. Finally, all of our machine is good running and we running it 16hours per day. All of my family member enter factory to running this busines. Thanks for meet neptune

  • Ajay Patel
    Ajay Patel

    Long time relationship. Every a few months order machine is good quality and stable running.

  • kk

    The juice is sweet. good machine.

  • Most india water filling machine is buy from China OEM. We load money from bank to start this business. At frist is very worried about it. I come to China and visit martin and neptune machinery company. Do the L/C at sight and back india. The machine is very good and stable use. We still buy spart part from martin after a lot years.

  • Have a impressive visit with martin and neptune. Machine is good and help me a lot.