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2000Bottles/H bottled water production plant

2000Bottles/H Bottled Water Bottling Production Plant

Rating: 5 out of 5.

NEP-S2000 is the advanced bottle water production plant. It is most effective bottling plant for start bottled water business. 60% of this line is aumatic and other part is semiautomatic.

NEP-S2000 bottled water production plant capacity of production is 2000bottles per hour depend on 500ml bottle. It only can bottled 200ml to 1000ml bottle water. Its budget just half of the auto 2000bph water bottling line. Save invest just add 4 workers only

Whole nep-s2000 bottled water production plant just need 7 worker per shift. One worker for blowing bottle. One worker for take care of RO system. One worker for loading empty bottle. Two worker for sleeve label. Two worker for shrink wrapping package and carry the final product. Because of fit the auto fall down blowing bottle machine and monoblock filling machine. It save 3 worker compare with NEP-1000 semi water bottling line.

Production capacity2000 Bottes/H
Filling bottle specification:200ml-1000ml
Filling Water:1.5 T/H
Consume Water 0.5 T/H
Shipping container40HQ Container

Working process of the NEP-S2000 bottled water production plant

Firstly, the bottle blow molding machine, It is use to heating preform and blowing preform into idea shape plastic bottle according the bottle mold.

Secondly, the water purification machine, it is use removed all suspended, substance , bacteria and virus. Produce bottled water standard pure water.

Third, the washing filling capping machine, it the key machine use to washing plastic bottle, filled water into the bottle and capping the bottled water.

Fourth, the labeling machine, it is use to labeling the bottled water. Fifth, the date printing machine, it is use printing produce date on bottled water.

Sixth, the wrap packing machine, it is use to wrap 6/12/24 psc bottled water in one bag, then heating the film to got it tight the package.

NEP-S2000 Water bottling plant Equipment List:

Nep-s2000 compare with nep-1000 line

2000BPH bottled water production plant

nEP-S2000 semi Bottling line

  1. Need 7 workers
  2. Capacity 2000 bottles per hour
  3. Budget $ 47000
  4. Bottle volume 200ml to 1000ml
1000BPH small bottle water filling line for 500ml logo

NEP-1000 semi Bottling line

  1. Need 10 workers
  2. Capacity 1000 bottles per hour
  3. Budget $ 32000
  4. Bottle volume 200ml to 2000ml

NEP-S2000 water bottling line fit the newest mature once-4cavity semi blow molding machine which will auto fall down plastic bottle. Do not need worker manual got plastic bottle from semi blow molding machine again. Compare with nep-1000 save 1 labor.

NEP-S2000 water bottling plant fit the monoblock filling machine which is fully automatic. It save 2 workers compare with nep-1000 semi bottling line.