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3-10Liter Bottle Water Machine

1gallon bottled water filling machine plastic

Efficiency Redefined:

Experience the next level of efficiency with the Monoblock 3 to 10-Liter Bottle Filling Machine. Simplify your production process, enhance precision, and cater to diverse liquid packaging requirements – all with one powerful and streamlined solution.

Contact Shenzhen Neptune today to elevate your large-bottle filling process and stay at the forefront of liquid packaging technology.

Unleashing the Power of All-in-One Filling

Introducing Shenzhen Neptune’s cutting-edge Monoblock 3 to 10-Liter bottle water machine – a revolution in large-bottle liquid packaging. This innovative solution seamlessly combines the functions of rinser, filler, and capper, presenting an all-encompassing solution for bottling water, beverages, oil, and pharmaceuticals.

Key Features:

1. Versatile Bottle Sizes:

  • This machine effortlessly accommodates bottle sizes ranging from 3 to 10 liters, providing unparalleled versatility for diverse liquid packaging needs.

2. All-in-One Design:

  • Revolutionize your production line with a monoblock unit that effortlessly integrates rinser, filler, and capper functionalities. Say goodbye to complex setups and hello to streamlined efficiency.

3. Multi-Application Capability:

  • From bottling water to packaging beverages, oil, and pharmaceuticals, this machine is designed to handle a wide range of liquid products with precision and ease.

Ideal for Various Industries:

  • Water Bottling:
    • Achieve precision and speed in filling large water bottles, ensuring purity and quality.
  • Beverage Packaging:
    • Perfect for the efficient bottling of juices, soft drinks, and other non-carbonated beverages.
  • Oil Bottling:
    • Ensure accurate and spill-free filling for a variety of oil-based products.
  • Pharmaceutical Applications:
    • Maintain the highest standards in pharmaceutical packaging with our precise filling technology.

Bottle water machine Price list

Factory directly selling 3-10liter bottle filling machine


$5400/ month
  • PLC
  • stainless steel solenoid valve
  • 1 wash head, 1 filling head and 1 capping head
  • plastic chain plate


$5800/ month
  • PLC
  • stainless steel solenoid valve
  • 2 wash head, 2 filling head and 1 capping head
  • plastic chain plate


$7260/ month
  • PLC
  • stainless steel solenoid valve
  • 3 wash head, 3 filling head and 1 capping head
  • plastic chain plate


$7580/ month
  • PLC
  • stainless steel solenoid valve
  • 4 wash head, 4 filling head and 1 capping head
  • plastic chain plate


$19300/ month
  • PLC
  • stainless steel solenoid valve
  • 6 wash head, 6 filling head and 1 capping head
  • plastic chain plate

note: extra USD150 for every 1 meter of conveyor belt,

main part brand :

Leakage switchTianzheng
Circuit breakerBeijing
Gear motorLight transmission
Air pressure switchKorea
Push button switchShanghai.
Indicator lampShanghai.
Proximity switchOMRON
Air pressure electromagnetic valveTaiwan Ya Deke
Oily water separatorTaiwan Ya Deke
Wash bottle bottle cylinderTaiwan Ya Deke
Filling the cylinderTaiwan Ya Deke
Capping cylinderTaiwan Ya Deke
Bottle top cylinderTaiwan Ya Deke
Bottle clamping cylinderTaiwan Ya Deke
A bottle of cylinderTaiwan Ya Deke
Capping machineShandong golden saint
AC contactorLG
Medicine washing pumpGuangdong peak
Cleaning / filling pumpGuangdong peak
Sorting machineShandong golden saint
Net washing electromagnetic valveZhongshan
Filling valveGuangdong Wing Chong
Switching power supplyTaiwan
Touch screenTaiwan
The filling headGuangdong
Screw headTaiwan