10L Water bottling machine3-10Liter Bottle Water Filling Machine can be used to fill all kinds of 3L,4L,5L,6L,7L,8L,8L,9L,10L bottled water, It collects washing, filling and capping together.


Bottle Volume: 3-10Liter
Production: 60-1500Bottles/Hour
Power : 3.5kw
10 bottles for setting and testing
Inlet conveyor 1meter
Outlet conveyor 1meter
PLC without touch screen
Stainless steel solenoid valve


3-10Liter Bottle Linear Rinser Filler Capper Machine is high-automatic, operation reliable and convenient.It is aerodynamic and controlled by PLC. All filling heads working at the same time. It has bottle-gripping device to make sure 100% filling accuracy rate. It also has intellectualized protection programme control.
It is pressure filling and do no have any special requirement to user’s tank. It adopts closed type liquid tank and fixes with liquid level control system.

Main Part’s List :

Leakage switch Tianzheng
Circuit breaker Beijing
Fuse Tianzheng
Gear motor Light transmission
Programmable LG
Air pressure switch Korea
Push button switch Shanghai.
Indicator lamp Shanghai.
Proximity switch OMRON
Air pressure electromagnetic valve Taiwan Ya Deke
Oily water separator Taiwan Ya Deke
Wash bottle bottle cylinder Taiwan Ya Deke
Filling the cylinder Taiwan Ya Deke
Capping cylinder Taiwan Ya Deke
Bottle top cylinder Taiwan Ya Deke
Bottle clamping cylinder Taiwan Ya Deke
A bottle of cylinder Taiwan Ya Deke
Capping machine Shandong golden saint
AC contactor LG
Medicine washing pump Guangdong peak
Cleaning / filling pump Guangdong peak
Sorting machine Shandong golden saint
Net washing electromagnetic valve Zhongshan
Filling valve Guangdong Wing Chong
Switching power supply Taiwan
Touch screen Taiwan
The filling head Guangdong
Screw head Taiwan


3-10L Water Bottling Machine Testing Video
3-10L Bottle Makeing Machine Testing Video