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Water Bottle Packing Machine

Bottle Water Packing Machine

Shrink wrapping machine for bottles is the final water bottle packing machine of a complete water bottling line.

Water bottle shrink wrapping machine will wrap film on a lot bottled water and got tight all bottled water after go through steam tunnel.

It made use of the PE,POF,PP,PVC etc as packing material as materiasl. The film will shrink while face hot temperature.


How to choice packing machine for bottle water?

Carton and wrap film are the two main way to packaging bottled water. Carton look luxury and shop like it because shop can sell the carton for money. Wrap film is cheap and anti-rain, Whar is more, the wrap package machine for bottle water is cheap.

What different between semi and auto wrapping packing machine?

The semiautomatic wrapping packing machine need worker manual put a lot bottle water in the table for wrapping.
The automatic wrapping packing machine is fully automatic arrange bottle water in the table for wrapping.
Then go through shink tunnel both is automatic process.

What kind of materials do the wrap packing machine use?

It made use of the pe film as meterials. Every roll is about 30kg. And width is 45cm. It is easy been cutting by wrap knife. And when it face hot temperature it will tighten that a lot bottled water.