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250ml Sachet water packaging Machine

250ml Bag Water Filling and Sealing Machine

Sachet water packaging machine or named pure water machine. It is popular selling in Africa because it filling and sealing purified water into bag. The final product pure sachet water is very cheap.

The sachet filling machine makes use of a single layer of PE film as packaging materials. Its forming sachet and sealing sachet at the same time while filling pure water into the sachet.

The pouch water filling machine is easy to operate and run smoothly with good performance and low failure rate.

Capacity of Production1500~2200 Bag per hour
Packing Volume100~600ml ( More big need specilly order)
Filling precision±1%
Bag PE Film width240mm or 320mm
Power3.4 KW
Power supply110v/220v/380v
sachet forming

Sachet forming

date marker for mark produce date on sachet water 1 2

Date mark

sachet pull to smooth film 1

smooth filling

Valve plug pump with check valve to prevent air fil 1

Valve plug pump with check valve to prevent air fil

How To Selling Sachet Water?

1. Do not look at how much you make on 1/100 piece sachet
2. Find as much as possible distributors and retailers
3. Selling cooling sachet water
4. Bring Profit to other and will feedback
5. Keep a positive brand without care about a few money
6. Do not sell any leakages sachet water
Know more detail about how to selling sachet water

How To Make Sachet Water?

1. Well drilling a borehole water as resource water
2. Purifier the borehole water into purified water
3. Sachet filling and sealing the purfied water into pouch
4. Buy the film as package sachet materials

How Much It Profit To Start Sachet Water Business?

500ml sachet water Ex factory price $0.011
500ml sachet water manufacturing cost
One bag profit $0.005
Capacity 5Million psc per year profit