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Why water bottling company show not buy plastic water bottle from supplier and produce itself?

Let us have a look of the short purified water standard for sachet and bottle water.

Chroma/degree ≤
5, and shall not show other abnormal colors
Turbidity/NTU ≤1
Smell and tasteNo odor or odor
VisibleNot detectable
Pathogenic bacteria (Salmonella, Shigella, Staphylococcus aureus)NO ALLOW
According the Pure Water Hygienic standard for Bottled/Sachet (PWHS 2021)

In the above form. We can saw that the any bacteria is not allow to detected. But as we know there are a lot bacterias in the air and human being hand. And the water package process can not avoid the human being and air. It is happened in the factory. The factory must have air and human being.

The water been purifier by RO system and mixer with Ozone. It is easy for control its quality. Then the next key control is the bottling process. A lot bottle water company buy the plastic bottle from supplier and freight to water bottling factory. That is a big problem. The freight process is too long time to lead the bottle outside and inside bactrias by air or car.

We strong suggestion water bottling company making the plastic bottle in water bottling factory. And fast use the plastic bottle to washing filling and capping water so that fast sealing. It can reduce the time for the plastic bottle touch air.

What is the more important. The plastic bottle making process have two step. First is high temperature heating the preform which is also kill bacteria of the preform. Second is blowing clean air into the preform to making it into the plastic bottle.

After making the plastic bottle. Fast sending it to ozone water push washing. Then filling water and capper to finished the sealing the bottled water. That process can reduce the time bottle touch air and reduce bacterias inside the bottle water.

Also, the water with ozone filler into the bottle. It also can keep non-bactrias for the inside of the finished sealing bottle.