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8000BPH Automatic Bottle Blow Molding Machine


FOB Price $ 79400

What equipment of this price included?

1Automatic Blow Molding Machine,BM-A8/1SET
2Preform unscrambler, BM-A8/1 SET
3HP Air Compressor,3.2m3/min,30Kg 1SET
4LP Air Compressor,2.0m3/min,10Kg 1SET
5Dryer (inside 2 air filters),10.0m3/min,30Kg 1SET
6Air Tank ,1.0m3,30Kg 2SETS
7LP air filter ,2.0m3/min,10Kg 1SET
8Mould Chiller ,5HP 1SET
9Air tube 1SET
10Spare parts 1SET
11Blow Mold, Four cavities (200-2000ml)USD 1,750.002SETS

At Neptune Machinery, we take pride in presenting our state-of-the-art 8000-9000BPH Automatic Linear Eight Cavity Pet Blow Molding Machine. Designed for excellence, this machine stands as a paragon in the realm of PET plastic container and bottle production.

Full Automatic Control System:

  • The machine features a high-end computer for centralized control of all actions.
  • Material transport is handled by a sophisticated servo control, ensuring smooth, accurate, and fast operations.
  • Sealed delivery for raw material (pre-form) transport.
  • Automatic lubrication system for enhanced maintenance.

Energy Saving:

  • Bar distance and circuitous-type pre-form carrier systems contribute to a 50% reduction in energy consumption.
  • Free optimization of thermal radiation leads to a 20% reduction in waste, promoting energy efficiency.
  • The feeding and out bottle system operates on the principle of gravity, reducing the need for additional actions and saving 60% of compressed air.
  • The out bottle system can be directly connected to the filling machine, eliminating the need for an unscramble bottle machine and reducing the human workforce, resulting in a 16% reduction in investment costs.

Whether you are a seasoned industry player or a newcomer, Neptune Machinery’s 8000-9000BPH Automatic Eight Cavity Pet Blow Molding Machine is your gateway to unparalleled precision, efficiency, and reliability in PET bottle production. Join hands with us, and let’s shape a future of success together!

Technical Parameter

Depend on bottle design8000PCS/H
Body diameter≤90mm
Neck diameter28mm-30mm
Mold thick240mm
Electrical source power380v 3Phase /220v 3Phase  50/60HZ
Rated Power66kw
Really use power28kw
LP air compressor2.0m3/min 1.0MPa
HP air compressor3.2m3/min 3.0MPa x 3
Air dryer10.0m3/min 3.0MPa
Cooling water60L/min
Blowing Machine Size5500*4000*2200mm
Blowing Machine Weight5800kg
Preform unscrambler L*W*H2300*1500*2480mm
Preform unscrambler Weight350kg
Resin availablePET

all Auxiliary equipment come with CM-A8

Air dryer 1

Air Dryer:

  • Function: The air dryer is responsible for removing moisture from the compressed air. Additionally, it helps lower the temperature of the compressed air through a heat exchanger.
air fiter 1

Air Filter:

  • Function: The air filter clears impurities from the compressed air, such as carbon-hydrogen, tiny dust, and solid particles. This ensures that the air used in the blowing process is clean.
air tnak

Air Tank:

  • Function: The air tank acts as a reservoir to receive and supply air for the PET stretch blow molding machine. It provides storage for the compressed air.

Preform Unscrambler:

  • Function: The preform unscrambler is an automated system for loading and feeding preforms into the heating system of the blow molding machine. It significantly reduces labor costs, as workers only need to place a box of preforms into the equipment.

HP Air Compressor:

  • Function: The high-pressure air compressor is dedicated to supplying the air needed for the preform blowing process, shaping the preforms into plastic bottles.

LP Air Compressor:

  • Function: The low-pressure air compressor supports the overall operation and movement of the PET stretch blow molding machine.
water chiller

Mould Chiller:

  • Function: The mold chiller is crucial for maintaining the temperature of the mold. Continuous production may lead to an increase in mold temperature, potentially affecting the quality of the plastic bottles. The chiller helps cool the mold, ensuring consistent and high-quality production.

Blow Mold:

  • Function: The blow mold is the container into which the preform is blown to achieve the desired shape of the plastic bottle. The design of the blow mold directly influences the final design of the plastic bottle.

Overall, this comprehensive air compression system, coupled with the preform unscrambler and mold chiller, ensures the efficient and reliable operation of the PET stretch blow molding machine, leading to high-quality plastic bottle production.

How does the cm-a8 blow molding machine work?

The operation of Neptune Machinery’s 8000-9000BPH Automatic Linear Eight Cavity Pet Blow Molding Machine is designed for simplicity and efficiency, allowing seamless production with minimal manual intervention. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how the machine works:

  1. Preform Loading:
    • Workers place a box of preforms (approximately 500 pieces) into the preform loading tank.
    • The preform loading system automatically picks up and loads preforms into the machine, streamlining the process.
  2. Heating the Preform:
    • The machine’s heating system ensures that the preforms are heated to the ideal temperature for the blowing process.
    • Precise temperature control is crucial to achieve consistent and high-quality bottle production.
  3. Blowing the Preform:
    • Once the preforms reach the optimal temperature, they move to the blowing station.
    • The machine uses high-pressure air from a dedicated air compressor to blow the preforms into the desired plastic bottle shape.
    • The mold plays a crucial role in determining the final shape and design of the bottle.
  4. Mold Change for Versatility:
    • The machine’s design allows for easy mold changes, enabling the production of different bottle shapes and sizes.
    • This flexibility makes the machine adaptable to various production needs.
  5. Air Compressor System:
    • The machine is equipped with two types of air compressors.
    • High-pressure air compressor: Supplies the required air for the blowing process, shaping the preforms into bottles.
    • Low-pressure air compressor: Provides air for the overall operation of the machine, ensuring its smooth functioning.

In essence, Neptune Machinery’s PET Blow Molding Machine combines advanced technology, automation, and user-friendly features to deliver a reliable and efficient solution for PET bottle production. Whether you’re producing carbonated beverages, mineral water, or other liquids, this machine is tailored to meet the demands of high-volume and versatile production requirements.

Configurations of cM-A8 Blow Molding Machine

Air-break switchMitsubishiJapan
Air-break switch contactorZhengtaiChina
Minitype breakerZhengtaiChina
Thermal overload replyZhengtaiChina
Option switchSchneiderFrance
Green directive buttonSchneiderFrance
Emergency stop switchSchneiderFrance
Normally open contactSchneiderFrance
Normally closed contactSchneiderFrance
Photoelectric switchOMRONGermany
Travel switchOMRONGermany
Proximity switchOMRONGermany
Photoelectric switchOMRONGermany
Touch screenLGKorea