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bottle filling machine factory

It is an three in one bottling machine which collect washing ,filling and capping funcation together. It is mainly use to bottled water package and filling machine. The key bottling machine of an water bottling line. It can suitable for both square bottle and round bottle.

It is researched and developed on the base of importing ,assimilating and absorbing the advanced technology of Germany in 1995. Finished bottled water driven by the transmission motor. It is high automation, compact structure, beautiful appearance.

Its operation is simple and convenient to us. Running safe and relible. The capacity of production is stable. Be famous know use to filler mineral water and pure water. Only need shape plastic shape mold to bottling different plastic bottle.

3-IN-1 Bottle Water Washing Filling Capping Machine

Capacity Scale of Bottle: 350—2000ml;
Diameter Scale of Bottle: 50mm–90mm;
Height Scale of Bottle: 160mm-310mm;
Drink Kind: Mineral Water, Pure Water, Spring Water.

Different Production

16-12-6 Bottle Water Washing Filling Capping Machine,Production:4000-5000 bottles per hour
18-18-6 Bottle Water Washing Filling Capping Machine,6000-7000 bottles per hour
24-24-8 Bottle Water Washing Filling Capping Machine,8000-9000 bottles per hour
32-32-10 Bottle Water Washing Filling Capping Machine,10000-12000 bottles per hour

Main configuration:

1) Material of filling valve and liquid tank is 304
2) Main motor:National brand
3) Sliding bearing:Taiwan
4) Frequency inverter: MITSUBISHI
5) Touch screen:Taiwan
7) Pneumatic components:Airtac
8) Seals:National brand
9) Photocell switch and proximity switch:Taiwan