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Shenzhen Neptune offers a high quality and reliable water pouch (sachet) filling and packaging machine that is capable of producing between 1500-2200 sachets per hour. It can be adjusted to fill sachets or pouches ranging from 200-500ml. This pouch packing machine can be used to fill pouches with a wide variety of liquids such as water, juices, wine, alcoholic beverages, soy milk, and various other liquids. This sachet filling and packaging machine has been proven to be very reliable and is very commonly used in areas such as Latin America, Africa, and the United States, but can be used anywhere worldwide.

sahet water packageThe Auto Sachet water pouch packing machine fills the sachet with water then uses a heat-sealing system to ensure that the filled sachet or pouch does not leak water. Heat-sealing also ensure t
hat there are no adhesives, glues, or resins used to seal the bag, preventing any possible contamination from sealing. The heat-sealing system uses thermal transverse vertical sealing to seal the bag, meaning that the bag feeds vertically and is thermally (heat) sealed. It is designed to use wither PE film or composite film bags making it versatile to various applications. It can be used with films with preprinted logos or films without logos. The machine then cuts the sachet and drops it into the finished product area.

This pouch filling and packing machines are offered in models with photocell monitoring and without photocell monitoring. Photocell monitoring is used to fill pouches with preprinted labels to ensure that all the bags are uniform in the placement of the logo on the bag. The model without photocell monitoring fills and packages the sachet to the same length and capacity, but is does not guarantee the logo on the bag is in the same placement across all bags. Photocell monitoring is recommended for operations in which there will be a printed logo on the bag to ensure uniformity of the product packaging

The water sachet packing machine features date lamination, which laminates the date of production on the bag allowing you to track which pouches were produced on a given date. It also features automatic counting to track the number of bags produced by the machine rather than other machines which do not include this feature.
The S1 & S2 water pouch packing and packaging machines use UV sterilization when filling the sachets to prevent any possible contamination. Therefore you can be sure that the water inside the bag has not been contaminated after it has been purified by you water purification system.

The S1 & S2 water sachet packing and packaging machines are built to be very reliable and dependable, however it does come with a 1 year warranty due to manufacturer defect. It also comes with several free maintenance parts and other parts as well which are listed below.

Free Parts:

High-temperature cloth
Transverse sealing strips
Vertical sealing strips
West Buddha bar
Allen wrench set
Open-end wrench
Membrane Ottomans
Oil gun


Bag ( pouch / sachet )-forming , filling, and sealing
UV sterilization
Thermal vertical sealing
Date lamination
Linear bag traction
Quantitative filling
Thermal transverse sealing
Automatic counting


Production Capacity: 1500-2200 Bags/Hour
Filling Range: 200-500ml
Voltage: 220v/380v 1.8kw
Firm width: 320mm/240mm
Packing Dimension: 970 x 870 x 1970mm
Gross Weight: 400KG / 880lbs