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Industrial Reverse Osmosis System

Industrial reverse osmosis system widely used in the water bottling and bagging production process. It is use to produce high-quality purified water.

why choice industrial reverse osmosis system ?

75% Purified Water, 25% Waste Water

5 Ton Bottled Water Purification Machine
5 Ton industrial reverse osmosis system

The RO water purifier plant will producing purified water which reach bottle pure water standard.The RO water purifier machine key filter is RO membrane.It is the purifier machine for bottled water plant

Industrial reverse osmosis system is made use of pressure as impetus to difference the purified water from the raw liquid. It give pressure to raw liquid. When the pressure exceeds its osmotic pressure. The pure water will reverse osmosis against the direction of natural osmosis. So that got the purified water at the low pressure side of the membrane. And another side is the waste water.

It is the bestselling reverse osmosis water treatment equipment for pure water plant and mineral water plant. It undertake filter the raw water into purified water which reach bottled pure water standard. Its main technology is reverse osmosis (RO).

Due to different conditions, water plant may use city water, borehole water, underground water, river water and salt water as source water. RO water purification machine will removed all contaminants, like solids, bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi, minerals such as iron, manganese and sulphur, and man-made chemical pollutants including fertilisers.

No matter what kind of source water use, after got an raw water quality report, water plant just need RO water purification machine with different auxiliary filter to production purified water for the water bottling or sachet plant.

IMG 3640
Bottle Label of Purified Water

The purified water have nothing, it should be tasteless. But many consumers feel that the purified water has a little sweet taste. It because the other drinking water contains too many impurities, long time ago, affects the accurate judgment of the taste buds on water.

In this case, suddenly drinking the purified water. This contrast is the root cause of the sweet taste of the water. The reason is as simple as that.

Purified water is an good choice for most new bottled water plant

bottle purified water RO water treatment producing

RO water treatment plant is removed everything. And RO water plant usually fit with Ozone system which keep the pure water with ozone. So that purified water will do not have quality problem.

RO Water plant can build factory closed to water resource which save the water cost. Like borehole water, undergroud water, lake water.

bottled water

Water treatment plant also can use city water as resource water and build water plant closed to city which near to market. So that can save goods freight cost.

The Purified water RO water treatment machine is the best solution for start bottled water plant. And bottled water company must named their bottled water is Purified Water.

Mineral Spring Is Difficult To Find

Only own an natural mineral spring, water plant can named natural mineral water (wikipedia) .

Mineral spring is difficult to find or own. The spring flow usually small. What’s more, most natural mineral spring are been protect by every Country government.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration classifies mineral water as water containing at least 250 parts per million total dissolved solids (TDS), originating from a geologically and physically protected underground water source. No minerals may be added to this water.

If raw water is not mineral water and add some mineral additional. It is food additives mineral water.

At first maybe good for sales bottled water. But long time customer will find it and have bad impression. Additional mineral water is not upscale enough to selling at high price. And it need continued add food additives mineral into water which costly. What’s more, if the additives mineral quality is not good will lead customer health problem. That is not good for water brand.