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What is RO water purification system?

Reverse osmosis water purification is used to produce pure water. It will removed all contaminants of raw water to produce purified water, Like solids, bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi, minerals such as iron, manganese and sulphur, and man-made chemical pollutants including fertilisers. When people drinking the pure water, they will feel naturally sweet because of the pure.  Because of pollution, almost all worlds river, lake, underground and spring is been pollution. RO water system become more and more popular.

1). This system adopts the most advanced Reverse Osmosis pure water filter technic. Its water production conductance rate generally less than 10us/cm, which precedes the national standard GB17323-1998 bottle pure water standard. The reverse osmosis water made by this RO system is asepsis, non-granule and pure.
2) The RO membranes of this system adopt American hydranautics membrane or the American Dow membrane

Why use RO water treatment ?

Use RO system technology, not matter city water, borehole water, underground water, river water, even some salt water can be purified into pure water. Pure water refers to H₂O without impurities, referred to as pure water. It is pure, clean water that does not contain impurities or bacteria, such as organic pollutants, inorganic salts, any additives and various impurities. The water of drinking water hygiene standard is raw water.

The mineral spring is difficult to find. And flow usually very small. And most of them been protect by every government. It is not economy. If raw water is not mineral water and add some mineral additional. It is false promotion. At first maybe good for sales bottled water. But long time customer will find it and give bad impression. Additional mineral also costly, and the additional mineral do not have prove can good for health. If quality problem and lead customer health problem will lead bad for brand. So, the pure water is more good choice for open an bottle water factory.

How do RO water purification work?

It can removes the hydronium, organic substance, colloid, bacteria and other impurity by the method of membrane.  And the water can be desalted and purified. The theory is as follows. The treated water and the untreated water are separated by the membrane; the treated water osmoses to the untreated water. There is osmotic pressure between the two. If the pressure is added to the untreated water and the pressure of the untreated water is bigger than the osmotic pressure, the water of the untreated water osmoses to the opposite position of the water. This applies the reverse osmosis to the desalted water. That is to say the untreated water is purified into the pure water through the RO membrane under adequate pressure. The left water which can not osmosis through the membrane contains a lot of solute and suspended substance, and it will be drained out as waste water.
The water must be pretreated before entering into the RO system, or it will bring damage to the RO membrane.
The RO system not only can be used for desalination, but also for filtering the organic substance and bacteria.
The production of water is monitored by the liquid crystal display conductivity meter.
The RO system needs be cleaned timely, including the stainless steel pump, filter, disinfectant tank, valve and other components.
Commonly, the RO system should work once every day.  If it does not work in one week, it must be protected by some measures, or the service life of the membrane will be serious affected.