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8000BPH Automatic Water Bottling Line

8000BPH Automatic Water bottling Line

It is fastest speed production of neptune company water bottling line. It can produce 8000psc bottled per hour depend on 500ml bottle. Through change mold, it can produce different volume and shape bottled water. Range from 200ml to 2000ml bottled. Change bottle mold just cost 2hours.

Whole bottling line is high automation level. Its structure compact and beaty. Whole bottliing line is simple use and easy maintain. Whole bottling line just need 8 workers.

This line is suitable for small bottle water bottling plant. The capacity of production is 8000-9000 bottle per hour.

Machine list of 8000bph water bottling line

Why neptune 8000bph water bottling line?

Whole production only beginning have worker fall into materials.
In middle process do not have any worker manual operation.
And worker carry the final goods to storage room at end.
It is automatic line which need less worker and high production efficiency

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1500ml and 500ml bottle design 1

100% Precise Water Bottle Design Free

Two way optional bottle design. We will scanning the really plastic bottle and produce the 100% precise bottle design according customer offer the really plastic bottle. Or offer 50psc worldwide bottle design for choice.

bottled water filling and packing process factory layout

98% Precise Factory Room Design Free

Customer offer factory production room size and then confirm which bottling line. We will do the professional production layout which easy lead customer modify production room and final bottling line will according it to produce size and connection.

bottle label beauty design pvc sleeve label

100% Precise Label Design Free

Offer logo design, and customer offer some information and picture which want show on the label.Then we will let professional label design do the creative design. Beauty and experiended. 100% free and do not have copyright issue.

How to running an water bottling line?

Power inquiry for bottled water factory

power inquiry of neptune 8000bph bottle water filling factory

Supply power for bottled water factory

diesel generator power

There are two way to supply power for bottled water factory.

Voltage stabilizer

First is directly supply government electricity. Use this way need fit an voltage stabilizer. Without an voltage stabilizer and running machine is high risk.

Unstable voltage will cause fatal injury or malfunction of equipment, affect production, cause delay in delivery, unstable quality and other losses. At the same time, it accelerates the aging of the equipment, affects the service life and even burns the accessories, so that the owner faces the trouble of needing maintenance or needs to update the equipment in a short period of time, wasting resources; in severe cases, safety accidents even occur, resulting in immeasurable losses.
Therefore, the use of voltage regulators is essential for electrical equipment, especially high-tech and precision equipment with strict voltage requirements.

Diesel generator power.

Second is use the diesel generator power supply eletricity. But the generator power cost extra cost, usually like 200kg with sound proof will cost about 20K dollar. And also cost diesel when running it. Of course, it will save the cost of eletricity payment.