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Auto Bottle Blowing Machine

water bottle blowing mold machine

What Is Auto Bottle Blowing Machine?

It blowing the PET preform into plastic PET bottle. It is mainly use to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral/pure water bottle, pesticide bottle oil bottle cosmetics, wide-mouth bottle and hot fill bottle and so on.

It have an auto preform loading equipment which will automatic loading and conveyor preform to heating system. Made use of the lamp heating preform into idea temperature and go into the mold.

Its materials is an kind of hollow hard tube which also called pet preform. That pet preform is making by injection molding machine. The automatic bottle blowing machine is the second step of the two step making plastic bottle technology.

Why need two step making plastic bottle?

Most strong thickness plastic bottle or container is directly injection or molding by one step making bottle technology. But one step is difficult to produce thin thickness plastic bottle. A lot kind of liquid need use thin thickness plastic bottle to container.

So that have two step making plastic bottle. The first step is injection a hard hollow preform. The second step is made use air blowing the preform into idea plastic bottle according the mold. The preform will been heating well before blowing.

For Make 0.2-2Liter Plastic Water Bottle

For make 2Liter to 25Liter Big Plastic Bottle

bottle blowing machine scaled

Own your unique plastic bottle

what Benifit from Making Your own plastic bottle?

A lot bottled water company is blowing plastic preform themselves and buy preform as materials. Because preform is strong and small, It freight cost little and do not easy damage druring the freight.

Preform take small room. One paper box can filler 500psc preform and like one container can filler 1millions preform. Like empty platisc bottle take big room. One container just can filler 0.1million piece. So that preform freight can save large number cost rather than plastic bottle.

Manufacturer Plastic Bottle Save Freight Cost

18gram 28mm

Some bottled water company buy plastic bottle from bottle blowing company. The plastic bottle inside is empty which easy damage during the freight. What’s more, it is take room which freight cost high.
The empty plastic bottle will touch too long air during the freight. The air is an pollution for food indurstry.
Own an bottle making machine is necessary for most bottle water company. It have three advantage. Save freight cost, reduce bottle compression deformation and reduce the pollution by freight.

How Does PET Bottle Blowing Machine Work?

Blow molding process for plastic pet bottle

1.Preform heating in a special preform heater.
2.Opening of the blow mould (by closing unit) and insertion of the preform.
3.Closing of the blow mould.
4.Bottle stretching and blowing.
5.Opening of the mould and transport of the finished bottle to the exit conveyor.
6.Bottle prepared to transport.