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500ml Sachet Water Making Machine

SL 1000 Sachet water packaging machine for 50ml to 600ml sachet water fob price at 1350

SL 1000 Sachet water packaging machine

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Sachet volume50ml-600ml
Capacity production2200 bags/hour
Machine size L*W*H750*700*1700mm
Machine weight360kg
SL 2000 Sachet water packaging machine with photocell monitoring

SL 2000 Sachet water packaging machine (with photocell monitoring)

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Sachet volume100ml-600ml
Capacity production2000 bags/hour
Machine size L*W*H880*730*1730mm
Machine weight400kg

Sachet water making machine included filling, sealing, date mark and packaging in one machine. It can forming the film into bag and filled water in to the bag at the same time . Once finished then can got an final bag water product.

date marker for mark produce date on sachet water 2
Film forming
date marker for mark produce date on sachet water 1
Date mark
sachet pull to smooth film
Smooth filling

500ml Sachet water making machine is popular selling in Africa and South America because its low invest and high feedback profit. It is easy to operation that hundreds buyer without experienced and running it well.

Valve plug pump with check valve to prevent air fil
Anti-back pump
vertical sealing heating knife
Upright sealing
horizontal sealing heating knife 1
Transverse seal

Sachet water making machine or named pouch filling machine is widely used for package water into plastic bag. It make use of a single layer of PE film as packaging materials.

pe film for sachet water used
pure water sachet water color code

The pe film is one roll film hold on the machine and width is fixed at 240mm or 320mm. 20mm of the film is used for sealing. So every sachet water one edge is fixed at 120mm or 150mm.

Sachet water making machine according the sachet design fit two type.

SL 1000 is the normal type that cutting bag at the setting time so that every sachet water same long.

SL 2000 with photocell monitoring type that cutting at the color code only. It need the pe film advance printing well the design and color code. So that every sacht water been cutting and sealing package well with the beauty design.

  • Artlise

    The sachet water machine quality is good. And it is easy for use. We bought two machine and running at house to start

  • Guito

    From we bought the machine about 5 years. The sachet water machine still good running without any error. Now we just asking neptune buy 6 ro membrane as spare for RO water purification

  • We bought the machine and running it at home. Use borehole water as resource water and RO water system to filter. I and my wife Shift production sachet water. Market need a lot pure water. our water is clean and cheap. NEPTUNE pure water machine quality is good. It is very easy to use. My wife do it well just look me operation.

  • The sachet water filling and sealing machine quality is good. I like it. We bought it at $1900 and shipment to Negeria cost $260

  • Khamsana

    We want change the sachet water volume more less, and neptune give two solution which one i do not understand, but another solution is easy adjust. It is great.

  • Nanna

    Happened with COVID-9, but it is lucky machine success arrived. Thanks

  • Harriet

    It is good that always can servise and got support from neptune. Not like other company sales frequency change every a few months. And machine to be a steel.

  • Ajay Patel
    Ajay Patel

    Long time relationship. Every a few months order machine is good quality and stable running.