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800BPH Mini PET Bottle Blowing Machine

800 MINI PET Bottle blowing molding machine water bottle

This pet bottle blow molding machine can produce two plastic bottle once. It is very mature PET bottle making machine. A lot bottled water company first start making plastic bottle with this bottle blowing and making machine. It is the smallest and cheapest bottle blowing machine in the world.

It is widely used to produce 100-2000ml carbonated bottle, mineral water, pesticide bottle oil bottle cosmetics, wide-mouth bottle etc.

Technique Parameter

Product materialPET
Volume100ml to 2000ml
Theoretical output800 Bottles/h
Preform length15mm-350mm
Preform inner diameterφ5mm-38mm
Max.mould plate Dimension(L x W)350x380mm
Max.mould thickness180mm
Clamping force45KN
Mould opening stroke160mm
Main blowing machine (L x W x H)160x60x161cm
Main blowing machine weight500Kg
Heater oven (L x W x H)187x63x145cm
Heater oven weight250Kg
Power inquiry total17.5kw

Video of the Mini PET Bottle Blowing Machine

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It need worker manul insert pet-preform on oven and carry the heating well preform to the blowing unit.

And then need worker press the button to start blowing plastic pet bottle


blow mold of water bottle

Adopting double crank to adjust mould ,heavy locking mould, stable and fast ,Adopt infrared oven to heat the perform ,the perform rotated and heated equally.

The air system has been divided into two parts: pneumatic action part and bottle blow part to meet the different requirements for the action and blow .It can provide sufficient and steady high pressure for blowing large irregular shaped bottles.

The machine is also equipped with muffler and oiling system to lubricate the mechanical part of the machine.
The machine can be operated in the step-by-step mode and the semi-auto mode.
The machine is small with low investment, easy and safe to operate.

Equipment list of an complete mini pet bottle making machine

Complete mini pet bottle blowing machine

  • 2Cavity Blowing Bottle Unit
  • Heating Oven Unit
  • High pressure air compressor(0.75M3/30KG);
  • Air Dryer with 2psc Air filter
  • Two cavities blow mold (200-2000ml)
  • Chiller for Mold 3HP
  • Spare part & High pressure Pipe
blowing unit
Blowing bottle unit

Easy and safe use. It is the blowing plastic pet bottle part unit.

Heating Oven

It is the heating oven which used to heating the pet preform.

high pressure air compressor
High pressure air compressor

The high pressure air compressor supply air for blowing the bottle.

air dryer with 2psc air filter
Ary dryer with air filter

Air dryer with 2psc filter which use to clean and purified the air from the air compressor.

Air chiller for mold cooling
Air chiller for cooling mold

It is used to cooling the blow mold. Make sure the bottle making process continued.

Blow Mold

Through change blow bottle mold and can produce different shape and volume bottle.

Got an beauty bottle design

1500ml beauty bottled water design

NEPTUNE machinery have expert engineer drawing and design the plastic pet bottle. They are professional and experienced.

Every plastic bottle design mark and line must 100% clean when it prodution into an really pet plastic bottle.

The bottle design structure must good. So that will not easy fall down on conveyor belt of water production plant. Can not easy fall down shop freezer.

Got an Art Plastic Bottle

plastic pet bottle
Really Plastic Bottle

An beauty plastic bottle will attract consumer. When it show on Shelves of supermarket. People will been attract by it. And want touch it and have an detail look.Then maybe more purchasing. Anyway, an bottled water is not expensive. A little attract will let consumer buy it.