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Why the bottle water is the best business in Africa?

Africa is not like USA or Europe Country. USA and Europe Country usually is An Country with large number of people. It will cultivate or attract company like Coca Cola or Evian. After Coca Cola Grow into super company. Coca will enter different Country but with an large number of people and stable raw water Country. Because coca cola bottling plant is very big and invest is very big, usually 0.3million bottle per day production. An lot city or Country in Africa do not have enough population to attract big company enter its bottle water market. Or it do not have stable raw water for an big plant. That leave room for small-production bottling company. Like 3000-80000bottles per day production plant company. It is the small advance, because invest small, need less worker, and market is small. It is just plant for an just market. 


An 500ml bottle water factory materials cost as follow:

Notice: Materials cost every week

You can find it just cost USD0.0481 per 500ml bottle water. And if the bottle water factory want fast-sell it, they can sell it to agent at USD0.09 per 500ml bottle water. 

It about 100% profit. 

There is an words: 100% profit can let people use life to risk. 

And an lot bottle water company in Africa sell bottle water to shop or market directly. Without middle agent, they may sell it at about USD 0.014. It is 300% profit.

There is another words: 300% profit can let people crime. 

Example: We have one customer 2017th bought an bottling line with $60000 investment from bank. And this year buy two $100,000 new car and come China just for thanks us. We have an lot customer tell us they profit over $200,000 per year in africa just with nep-1000bph bottling line

What an bottle water sell?

It look like sell water to the customer. But it is sell convenient to customer. Customer go outside working and thirsty, it is convenient to got an safe bottle water in the shop. Actually, the bottled water main cost is bottle materials cost, water is very cheap because of industry purification. 

1piece bottle water profit very small, but if multiply the number, it is big amount. For example. NEP-1000BPH water bottling plant production is 1000bottles per hour, it is synchronous production. One day can produce 1000*24=24000 bottles per day.

A lot of our Africa customer running the whole bottling line 16hours everyday with two shifts. Every shift 8hours. So, mostly NEP-1000BPH production 16000bottles per day. One piece of 500ml bottle water profit $0.09-$0.481=$0.0419. So one day total profit $0.0419*16000=$670 . One month 30days profit $20112. About two month all invest back. 1year profit more than $241344. If choice NEP-20000BPH water bottling line, then production is double and profit double. If choice NEP-4000BPH water bottling plant, then production 4times and profit 4times.

The key point of bottled water business is: Fast sell bottle water, Fast got back money.