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5 Reasons why Pure-Bottle-Water-business is better than mineral-bottle-water-business

Mineral bottle water is more famous because the really mineral source is famous for a long history. And a lot spring bottle water and additional mineral water are imitate natural mineral water.

But here we want to say the really profit and easy business is the pure bottle water business. Especially for beginner who want setup water bottling plant to start bottle water business.

Here are some reason why we strong suggestion pure bottle water business rather than mineral water or spring water. It is depend on large number of success water business project.

1. Raw water

Purified bottle water plant can choice city water, borehole water, lake water and undergroud water as resource water. It have a widely resource water choice because its treatment technolgy that use revese osmosis to removed everything of raw water. Like removed impurities, such as bacteria, viruses, and minerals. It makes it a safe and pure option for drinking.

Mineral water only can choice very good quality spring water which is difficult to find. If you are use city water or borehole water and other water as resource, you can not called yourself mineral water. If you add food-grade mineral into the water that it is actually additional mineral water. More or less is False propaganda.

2. Location

Purified bottle water plant can location at most place. You can location close to the city with city water as resource water. It is close to the market so that save freight and better for doing the market selling for your brand. You can location at borehole or lake beside so that save the charge for water.

Mineral water most is location close to the spring which good quality spring mostly is in the mountain. It will increase the factory, labor, freight cost and else. Maybe need paid envorenment protect cost in future.

3. Tasting

Yes, the purifed water testing more better than mineral water. The purified water inside have nothing but only pure water like H2O. It is really pure so that when human being drinking it and will feeling a little sweet. It is not really sweet but because human being long time drinking water with something, while drinking the really pure water it give a specil feeling to human being. In human being million years history we never drinking any water really pure like now purified bottle water in natural.

Mineral water and spring water, on the other hand, can vary in taste and mineral content depending on the source. When we drinking mineral water, It is also let very feeling clean. But it give us a very little feeling that it have a little thick. Because its inside have mineral in it .

Purified water is good for cooking and baking: Purified water is a good choice for cooking and baking because it does not contain any minerals or impurities that could alter the taste or texture of the finished product.

4. Cheap

Because of raw water cost and location cost. Mineral bottle water usually is expensive a lot than purified bottle water. For a lot customer, they just want a safe drinking water outside or traveling. Price will effect their choice. Maybe rich people for health choice mineral water. But a lot rich man because of health problem also do not choice mineral water. Purified bottle water is accepted by 95% people.

And an nep-1000 water bottling line for start purified bottle water business just cost $32k which is only a Japan car cost. A car is a consumer product but a water bottling line is a AMT which will earn money.

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5. Wide range of consumers

Purified water is good for people with certain health conditions: Some people may need to avoid certain minerals or impurities in their water, and purified water can provide a safe and pure option for these individuals.

Purified water is good for preserving equipment: Purified water can be used to clean and preserve equipment, such as coffee makers and steam irons, because it does not contain any minerals or impurities that could cause corrosion or build-up.

Purified water is environmentally friendly: Purified water can be a more environmentally friendly option because it does not require transportation from a specific location or region, and it can be produced using methods that are less energy-intensive than those used to produce mineral water and spring water.

Purified water does not contribute to dental erosion: Some minerals found in mineral water and spring water, such as fluoride and phosphate, can contribute to dental erosion. Purified water does not contain these minerals, making it a potentially better choice for people who are concerned about dental health.

Purified water is less likely to contain contaminants: While mineral water and spring water are naturally sourced and may be considered pure, they are still possible for them to be contaminated with pollutants or other impurities. Purified water, on the other hand, has undergone treatment to remove contaminants, making it less likely to contain impurities.

Purified water is customizable: Purified water can be customized to meet specific needs or preferences. For example, it can be flavored or enhanced with electrolytes to meet the needs of athletes or people who are dehydrated.

Purified water does not contribute to environmental degradation: Some methods used to extract mineral water and spring water can have negative impacts on the environment, such as the depletion of groundwater resources or the pollution of surface water. Purified water, on the other hand, can be produced using methods that are less harmful to the environment.