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Open An Bottle Water Factory

Neptune is manufacturer of complete bottle water filling & bottling plant. Offer label and bottle design , oversea installation.Make it Easy to start bottle water business.

Complete Water Bottling Plant of Small Bottle

Whole bottling production just need worker put into materials without any worker manual operation in middle process.
Finally, just need worker carry the package bottle water to storage room.
It is widely use to produce different volume and shape bottle water. (200ml 300ml 500ml 18oz 20oz 1liter 1500ml 2liter)

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Plastic Bottle Blow Molding Machine

It is heating the plastic preform, then blowing preform into idea shape plastic bottle.

Small Bottle Water Filler Bottling Machine

It will washing plastic bottle and filling pure water into bottle, then capping it.

Automatic Sleeve Labeling Machine

It will sleeve label on bottle water and heating shrink the label , so that tight the label on bottle water

Wrap Film Shrink Packing Machine

It will wrap film on 12/24psc bottle water and shrinking the film.Made it tight for easy carry.

3-5Gallon Bottle Water Filling Line Plant

It is mainly use to produce 3gallon 5gallon & 6gallon bottled water. The bottle is reused and every time need brusher ouside and inside washing, city water push washing and pure water washin to make sure the bottle clean.

3-5Gallon Bottle Blow Molding Machine

It is use to produce 3/5gallon reuse plastic bottle. Blow preform into idea 5gallon bottle according the mold.

5000L/H Pure Water RO Treatment Machine

Reverse osmosis water purification is used to produce pure water. It will removed all contaminants of raw water .

200B/H 5Gallon Bottle Filling Machine

4station washing, one station filling and one station filling machine. Two row filling station. Its production is 200 bottles per hour.

Beverage Filling Line

Juice Hot Filling Bottling Line

UHT high temperature instantaneous sterilization. Then cooled the juice to 90 degrees and filler the juice into the plastic bottle which can standard the 90 degrees temperature.

Carbonated Drink Production line

It is an completely production line which use to produce bottled carbon drink. Like bottled coke, bottled sprite and bottled sparkling water. It mixer beverage syrup and carbon at 3 degree temperature.

Every step is important

Over 20 years success water bottling line project experienced. To avoid detours.

100% Precise Water Bottle Design Free

Two way optional bottle design. We will scanning the really plastic bottle and produce the 100% precise bottle design according customer offer the really plastic bottle. Or offer 50psc worldwide bottle design for choice.

98% Precise Factory Room Design Free

Customer offer factory production room size and then confirm which bottling line. We will do the professional production layout which easy lead customer modify production room and final bottling line will according it to produce size and connection.

100% Precise Label Design Free

Offer logo design, and customer offer some information and picture which want show on the label.Then we will let professional label design do the creative design. Beauty and experiended. 100% free and do not have copyright issue.