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Bottled Water Filling & Packing Process

Plastic Bottle Blow Molding Machine

It is heating the plastic preform, then blowing preform into idea shape plastic bottle.

Washing Filling Capping Machine

It will washing plastic bottle and filling pure water into bottle, then capping it.

Automatic Sleeve Labeling Machine

It will sleeve label on bottle water and heating shrink the label , so that tight the label on bottle water

Wrap Film Shrink Packing Machine

It will wrap film on 12/24psc bottle water and heating shrinking the film.Made it tight for easy carry.

Purify and treatment raw water into pure water which reach bottled water standard
Raw water can use city water, borehole water, groundwater,river water, lake water & saline water.

2500Bottles Per Hour Water Bottling Plant

Whole production only beginning have worker fall into materials.
In middle process do not have any worker manual operation.
And worker carry the final goods to storage room at end.
It is automatic line which need less worker and high production efficiency

Click about more capacity bottled water plant

100% Precise Water Bottle Design Free

Two way optional bottle design. We will scanning the really plastic bottle and produce the 100% precise bottle design according customer offer the really plastic bottle. Or offer 50psc worldwide bottle design for choice.

98% Precise Factory Room Design Free

Customer offer factory production room size and then confirm which bottling line. We will do the professional production layout which easy lead customer modify production room and final bottling line will according it to produce size and connection.

100% Precise Label Design Free

Offer logo design, and customer offer some information and picture which want show on the label.Then we will let professional label design do the creative design. Beauty and experiended. 100% free and do not have copyright issue.

Success Project Sample

NEPTUNE machinery make it easy to start bottled water business. Help customer avoid trap from begin to the end. Whole bottling line can start produce at an 100square meter to 300square meter production room. From materials to end product finished in one room, So that reduce labor force.

NEP serise water bottling line is the best solution for small Country. The invest is small and process is simple. Less than 10workers can finished. Both have semiautomatic and automatic line.

Fast builded the bottling plant factory, fast produce bottle water and sell bottled water. Made your invest fast return.

Own your unique design without any copyright issue. Neptune blow molding machine produce really bottle is 100% same with bottle design.

Automatic filling production process

Fast get high quality wrap packaged bottled water and fast send to shop and supermarket.

Juice & Carbonated Drink Production line

Small invest to own yourself coca coke. All cola syrup and juice syrup supply

Every step is important

Over 20 years success water bottling line project experienced. To avoid detours.

Pre-sales-free-design ↗

Pre-Sales bottle drawing , label and bottling layout free design.

Pre-Sales Consultation ↗

We will listen, really listen, to what you have to say.

Client ↗

Large number of success bottled water filling project

Certification ↗

SONCAP & ISO9001 certification of Neptune bottling line

Manufacture-workshop ↗

Factory directly sales bottled water filling machinery.

Global install ↗

Supply engineer oversea install even in Iraq. printing and typesetting

How to got & fit materials

Water cap

Red,blue,white,transparent cap for choice.

28mm, 30mm most usually

Pet preform

Like both 16g 18g 20g 22g weight preform can use to blow 500ml plastic bottle. But different weight prefrom produce plastic bottle thickness and stronge will different.The preform price only decide by weight.

Sleeve label

Sleeve label price decide by size. Because its weight cost less. Key is the design printing costly. Anyway, it is cheapest labeling way. Most usually 500ml sleeve label cost less than $0.004

Why China water bottling machine ?

1. Technology stable and do not change.

Bottling machine main technology do not change over 30years.

2. Push quality high by supplier.

Even steel quality is more better than before in China. Every spare part have hundred or thousand supplier in China. Highly competitive lead quality is very important. Bad quality supplier will fast collapse and disappear. All of our supplier quality is updated, our worker quality also increase because all new young is college graduate. Our bottling machine are been push high quality every year.

3. Price transparent

A big number bottling machine factory competitive in China. It lead every factory price must transparent. Inflated price will lead factory closed at first year.