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AS2000 Pure Water Machine With Photocell Monitoring

pouch filling machine with photocell monitoring

fob price $1,900.00

Pure water machine with photocell monitoring is widely used for making sachet pure water, sachet milk, sachet soymilk and sachet soy sauce.

Sachet film is one roll 30kg for continued forming and cutting. If company need final sachet liquid have a good design performance. How the sachet filling machine can cutting film without hurt the design?

First, the sachet film with printing need printing color code. Then, use the AS2000 pure water machine with photocell monitoring.

The photocell monitoring will identification the color code and cutting the film at the color code place. So that forming and sealing a sachet product with prefect design performance.

pure water sachet water color code

pure water sachet film with blue color code

sachet film with black color code rotated

Milk sachet film with black color code

sachet liquid with color code 1

soymilk sachet film with black color code

Sachet filling machine

parameter of the as2000 Pure water machine

Production Capacity2000-2200Bags/Hour
Filling Range100-600ml
Voltage220v/380v 1.8kw
Firm width240mm/380mm
Packing Dimension1050X870X2100mm
Gross Weight400KG
Valve plug pump with check valve to prevent air fil

Valve plug pump with check valve to prevent air fil

sachet pull to smooth film

sachet pull to smooth film

date marker for mark produce date on sachet water 2

Sachet forming for forming the sachet bag

date marker for mark produce date on sachet water 1 1

date marker for mark produce date on sachet water

vertical sealing heating knife

vertical sealing heating knife

horizontal sealing heating knife 1

horizontal sealing heating knife

for making sachet product


It is back sealing sachet water filling machine. And the sachet film must have the color code which can be any color. It is used to let the photocell monitoring reading and cutting at that place.

So that you will got an sachet water with the prefect design. The cutting will not hurt the design and cutting at the design.

  • Artlise

    The sachet water machine quality is good. And it is easy for use. We bought two machine and running at house to start

  • Guito

    From we bought the machine about 5 years. The sachet water machine still good running without any error. Now we just asking neptune buy 6 ro membrane as spare for RO water purification

  • We bought the machine and running it at home. Use borehole water as resource water and RO water system to filter. I and my wife Shift production sachet water. Market need a lot pure water. our water is clean and cheap. NEPTUNE pure water machine quality is good. It is very easy to use. My wife do it well just look me operation.

  • The sachet water filling and sealing machine quality is good. I like it. We bought it at $1900 and shipment to Negeria cost $260

  • Khamsana

    We want change the sachet water volume more less, and neptune give two solution which one i do not understand, but another solution is easy adjust. It is great.

  • Nanna

    Happened with COVID-9, but it is lucky machine success arrived. Thanks

  • Harriet

    It is good that always can servise and got support from neptune. Not like other company sales frequency change every a few months. And machine to be a steel.

  • Ajay Patel
    Ajay Patel

    Long time relationship. Every a few months order machine is good quality and stable running.