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PET Preform Price Manufacturer Wholesale

PREFROM FOR water bottle 1

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) preforms are small, tube-like pieces of plastic that are used to make water bottles. They are middle product between PET grain and water bottle, which is a strong, lightweight, and food-grade material that is resistant to moisture and temperature changes.

PET preforms are used in the process of blow molding, in which they are heated and blown into the shape of a bottle or other container using air pressure. They are commonly used in the production of water bottles, as well as other products such as soda bottles, juice bottles, and food containers.

PET preforms offer several advantages over other methods of bottle production. They are lightweight and easy to handle, which makes them efficient to transport and store. They also allow for precise control of the shape and size of the finished bottle, which can be customized to meet the needs of different products. Additionally, using PET preforms can reduce waste and energy consumption in the production process.

Most water bottle company buy pet preform as materials. It save machine invest and freight cost. Easy start to blowing their own unique water bottle in factory. What is more. the heating preform process is kill bacterica and blowing into plastic water bottle. Then directly fast to washing filling and capping finished the sealing and package water bottle. So reduce the water bottle been pollution by air.

Pet preform for water bottle price depend on PET grain. It just add some labor and very low gross on the pet grain. Also, the pet preform quote depend on weight. Do not effect by size or shape.

According bottle mouth different, there are mainly three most usually water use pet preform.

Type28 mm Mouth Water-Preform28 mm Short Mouth Water-Preform30 mm Mouth Water-Preform
ModelPCO 1810POC 188130/25
UsedWater bottleSparkling water, carbon water bottle, water bottleWater bottle
Color OptionalTransparent, light blue, dark blue, red and etc.Transparent, light blue, dark blue, red and etc.Transparent, light blue, dark blue, red and etc.

cheap price of 100% new water preform for sale, Welcome save the price list as follow

Water Preform price

28 mm Mouth Water-Preform

28mm PCO 1880 pet preform for water bottle
Weight(Gram)Number of per carton
15G700 psc
18G680 psc
21G550 psc
23G550 psc
28G530 psc
30G530 psc
32G420 psc
35G420 psc
38G420 psc
42G385 psc
48G352 psc
52G352 psc
56G352 psc
Carton size 46*33*31.5CM, Per cube 20psc carton

28 mm Shorter Mouth Preform

carbon preform sparkling preform 28mm shorter preform
Weight(Gram)Number of per carton
17G650 psc
21G650 psc 
24G450 psc
30G420 psc
hollow hard tube pet preform scaled

30 mm Mouth Water-Preform

30mm PCO3025 pet preform for water bottle
Weight(Gram)Number of per carton
12G1000 psc
14G800 psc
15G800 psc
17G550 psc
18G550 psc
20G530 psc
23G530 psc
25G  450 psc
28G450 psc
30G420 psc
32G420 psc
36G420 psc
38G385 psc
40G370 psc
43G370 psc

How we make pet water preform

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What Is The Minium Order Of Pet Preform

At least need order 100,000psc
It just 2-3days finished produce, but need take in turn to producing.

What Is The Delivery Time?

Our injection machine capacity is 50000psc per day or more machine to manufacturing preform. 1 Million preform just cost 10-20days depend on how many machine running to produce the order. Key is the order need take in turn to producing.

100% new materials

China have law that all preform must 100% new materials. And all of our preform is complete 100% new materials.

The 100% new preform can not smell anything. If any preform have smell that is mixer with recycled plastics.

No bumping, no damage

100% good quality preform without any bumping damage. Through video you can notice our pet preform moving outlet is by manipulator. It make sure none any bumping the preform mouth.

Good quality pet preform can reduce the bad-bottle rate when you use it producing water bottle. It not only can save cost but also reduce error for water bottling process.