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Automatic 1 Gallon Bottle Making Machine


fob price $ 19180

What the price of 1 gallon bottle making machine included?

Blow Molding Machine BM-A1/1SET
Preform unscrambler BM-A1/1SET
HP Air Compressor 1.6 m3/min 30Kg/1SET
Air tank 0.6m3 30Kg/1SET
1.5m3/min 30Kg Air Dryer (inside 2 air filters)/1SET
Water Chiller 3HP/1SET
Air tube Free
Spare parts free
Bottle Mould 500ml -5000ml 1set


Items Brand Origin
1air-break switchMitsubishiJapan
2air-break switch contactorZhengtaiChina
3minitype breakerZhengtaiChina
5thermal overload replyZhengtaiChina
6option switchSchneiderFrance
7green directive buttonSchneiderFrance
8emergency stop switchSchneiderFrance
9normally open contactSchneiderFrance
10normally closed contactSchneiderFrance
11photoelectric switchOMRONGermany
12travel switchOMRONGermany
13proximity switchOMRONGermany
14photoelectric switchOMRONGermany
16touch screenLGKorea

Maker your own unique 1 gallon plastic pet bottle. This is fully automatic 1 gallon bottle making machine. Made use of preform as materials which freight cost little. What is more, you can produce any shape or volume plastic bottle through change 1set blow mold only.

High quality fully automated bottle blow molding machine just need one worker to making plastic pet bottle. Factory directly sellinb price only $19180.

  • 1 Reasonable design, full automaticlly control, save power and labor.
  • 2 Feeding system carries the preforms by robot arms automatically.
  • 3 Infrared oven heater adopts the quartz lamp to heat the PET tube.
  • 4 Fully automatic process with low investment, high efficiency,quick and safe for operation, easy for maintenance.
  • 5 We have perfect service after sales.
  • 6 Adopting high quality components 

Technique Parameter of blow molding machine:

Main part:
Pneumatic partValveSMC
Electric partPLCLG
Operating systemLG
NoteAll of the electrical components adopts CE and CCC approved international advanced high-tech product.
Main parameter:
ProductivityDepend on bottle design800-1000PCS/H
Product typeVolume5L
Body diameter≤175mm
Neck diameter40mm-48mm
Mold thickness260mm
Mold Size480*260*360mm
Main machine powerElectrical source power380V/220V  50/60HZ 3Phase
Rated Power33kw
Really use power13kw
Air systemHP air compressor3.2m³/min 3.0Mpa
LP air compressor1.6m³/min 1.0MPa
Air Tank1.0m³    3.0MPa
Air dryer3.0m3/min 3.0MPa
Water systemWater Chiller3HP
Preform unscramblerSize(L*W*H)2000*950*2480mm

Lastest technolgy

inside of the automatic blow molding machine

Full automatic blow molding machine is suitable for making PET plastic containers,it can blow all kinds of bottles in shapes:carbonated bottles,mineral bottle,pesticide bottle,and other packing containers.It has saved the cost to the maximum extent;it has lower rejection rate,higher production,and more stable preformance than the semi-automatic one,and moreover,run smoothly and easy to operate.

Automatic blow moulding machines are treated by high and new technologies, precise machining and careful assembly to attain technical requirements of all aspects. Moving parts are connected with boundary lubricating bearings and straight guide rails. bumper is adopted for preventing mechanical bumping, which ensures low mechanical noise, low failure rate and long service life. Moreover, unique design of air blowing mechanism ensures very high output rate of finished products.

High quality Auxiliary

1.6m3 hp air compressor

BM-A1 Automatic blowing machine come with all necessary auxiliary equipment and spare part. Make sure you filler preform materials and connect electricity then can start production without else equipment. Advanced ready everything to start middle bottle business.

(1) Air compressor is the air source for PET
stretch blow molding machine, carrying out
the process of compressing air from
atmosphere to the required pressure.
(2) Air dryer is to remove the moisture from
the compressed air and lower temperature
of the compressed air in the heat exchanger.
(3) Air filter is to clear up the impurities out
of the compressed air, like carbon-hydrogen,
tiny dust and solid particles.
(4) Air tank is to receive and supply air for
the machine as storage.

produce good quality Middle bottle

5L plastic bottle

Recent year, The membership of family became more and more less. Only have 1-3 people a family. 5gallon bottled water is too much for a man drinking. If keep long time, it will not fresh any more. So 2liter to 5liter bottled water became popular.

BM-B1 automatic blow moulding machine (2-5Liter Bottle) are widely applied in blowing hollow plastic containers of various dimensions. Advantage of stable quality of products, reasonable design of structure of machines, small size, low energy consumption, easy operation and convenient maintenance.