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NEPTUNE MACHINERY is professional manufacturer of high quality water bottle production machinery. Support complete bottling solution oversea installation and trainning.

For production 200ml 300ml 500ml 600ml 18oz 20oz 1liter 1500ml 2liter bottled water


💧 Automatic Bottled Water Production – Complete Turnkey Bottling Line!

Key Features:

  • 🔄 Fully Automatic: Minimize manual efforts with advanced automated technology.
  • 🌐 Turnkey Solution: From A to Z. Start production without the need for extra equipment.
  • 👩‍🔧 Efficient Workforce: Only 5 workers required for the entire production process.
  • 📈 Scalable Production: 24 hours continued running per day.

A automatic water bottling plant costs can range from 77k-180k dollars, depending on the scale and complexity of the bottled water company. Consulting with NEPTUNE MACHINERY experts and professionals can help in obtaining a more accurate estimate tailored to your business needs.

2000 Bottles/Hour Bottling Plant

It is the smallest automatic water bottling plant. Low invest but open an automatic bottle water factory.

4000 Bottles/Hour Bottling Plant

It is the most popular automatic water bottling line. The hot sales line which over 20years.

8000 Bottles/Hour Bottling Plant

It is the biggest capacity of production automatic water bottling line. Budget is also the most expensive.

automatic water production line plant factory-layout

Low-Budget Bottled Water Business, Complete Semi Water Bottling Line for $35,000

For production 200ml 300ml 500ml 600ml 18oz 20oz 1liter 1500ml 2liter bottled water

200ML-2000ML Semi-auto Water Bottling Plant

What’s Included:

  • Blow Molding Machine
  • RO Water Treatment Machine
  • Washing Filling Capping Machine
  • Labeling Machine
  • Laser Date Printer
  • Wrap Package Machine

Key Features:

  • 🌐 Complete A to Z Solution: From bottle making to bottle water packaging, all included.
  • 💲 Affordable: Low invest to start your own bottle water business.
  • 🛠️ Easy to Use: User-friendly design, Make it easy to start small-sacle bottled water business
  • 🌍 Global Support: Oversea installation and maintenance.

Start you bottled water business with Neptune Machinery’s Semi-Automatic Complete Water Bottling Plant – the turnkey solution for first-time start bottled water business. Affordable and user-friendly machinery ensures a seamless start to your venture, requiring minimal labor and offering efficiency at every step.

1000 Bottles/Hour Water Bottling Plant

It is the smallest automatic water bottling plant.

2000 Bottles/Hour Water Bottling Plant

It is the updated semiautomatic water bottling line.

3/5-Gallon Mineral Water Production

For production 10Liter 18Liter 18.9Liter 20Liter 25Liter 3Gallon 5Gallon 6Gallon bottled water

3-5Gallon Bottled Water Plant

Key Features:

  • Capper Removal: Streamlined processes with precision.
  • Bottle Leak Check: Ensuring every drop is perfectly sealed.
  • Brusher Outside and Inside Washing: Immaculate cleanliness for premium quality.
  • Bottle Washing, Filling, and Capper: Swift and accurate operations for efficient production.
  • Cap Washing and Feeding: Automate cap loading for seamless bottling.
  • Mouth Plastic Sealing: Precision sealing for a leak-proof finish.

Volume of product: 10L-20L
Production capacity: 60-1200BPH.
Control by PLC. Fully automatic 3/5 Gallon barrel bottling line for mineral water filling, spring water filling, distilled water filling and purified water filling.

3-5 Gallon Bottled Water Filling Line Solution