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Pure Water Vs Mineral Water

    Pure water

    Mineral water

    Own an mineral spring first

    Any brand want called their water is mineral bottled water show first own an mineral spring.

    No every spring can called mineral spring

    Spring no mineral spring

    Qiandao Lake Scenic Area was rated as a China national AAAAA scenic spot

    Called not called spring water

    Even use an famous spring but it is not mineral spring standard, it still cannot been called mineral water.

    Which better? Pure water

    The mineral spring is difficult to find. And flow usually very small. And most of them been protect by every government. It is not economy. If raw water is not mineral water and add some mineral additional. It is false promotion. At first maybe good for sales bottled water. But long time customer will find it and give bad impression. Additional mineral also costly, and the additional mineral do not have prove can good for health. If quality problem and lead customer health problem will lead bad for brand. So, the pure water is more good choice for open an bottle water factory.

    How to got pure water?

    Reverse Osmosis Water Purification

    Use RO system technology, not matter city water, borehole water, underground water, river water, even some salt water can be purified into pure water. Pure water refers to H₂O without impurities, referred to as pure water. It is pure, clean water that does not contain impurities or bacteria, such as organic pollutants, inorganic salts, any additives and various impurities. The water of drinking water hygiene standard is raw water.