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Bottled water, also known as packaged water or mineral water, is drinking water that is sold in plastic bottle. It is often sourced from natural springs, wells, or municipal water supplies and undergoes various processes to ensure purity and safety for consumption. Bottled water is popular worldwide due to its convenience, portability, and perception of quality.


1Materials cost$0.04-0.05
2Wholesale price$0.09-0.12
4one month production600,000psc
5One month profit$30000-$48000

1. one 500ml bottle water Materials cost 4-5cent

Blue water bottle preform

$ 0.027/psc

It is the 18gram preform. Option transaprent and blue preform for choice.


$ 0.007/psc

It is the water cap which use to seal the bottle watter

sleeve label scaled

$ 0.004/psc

It is the 500ml sleeve label which use to sleeve on the bottle water

pe wrap shrink film

$ 0.005/psc

It is the wrap film use to package 12/20/24 bottles in one package

One 500ml bottle water materials cost 4-5cent. It mainly have preform, cap, label and wrap use film.

2. Wholesale price 9cent ,only 1/3 of the shop price

It is price bottled water factory selling to shop and supermarket price. The final 500ml bottle water price on shop is $0.2-$0.45. If you local do not have too much competitor and you can directly selling it to shop without competitor.

3. Profit, every piece bottle water profit small

Per bottle water profit is very small. It is 5 cent only.

4. one month production is huge

One water bottle factory capacity of production is 2000 bottles per hour, and per day 8hours sheet time it is 16000 bottles per day, And a lot factory running it 2 classes of 16hours to got double production. 32000 bottles per day. And one month 30days proiduction can be 480000-960000 bottles per hour.

5. One month profit is high

From the before data, you may find one bottle water profit is little but one month amount is profit high. Why this happen?

Because every bottle water factory production big every month. So ride up high.