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How to choose botted water filling machine

There are several different types bottle water filling machine. Linear bottle water filling machine which is USA main machine. And German bottle water filling machine mainly use rotary filling.

In China, not matter linear and monoblock bottle water filling machine are both use rotary type filling machine. Because it is high level competition in China so that it is market decide manufacturer. Every year there is a lot bottled water filling manufacturer closed and every year a lot engineer Entrepreneurship to manufacturer bottle water filling machine. If any manufacturer machine quality and price is not good. It will be easy eliminate.

For anyone who want buy bottle water filling machine. There are several factors to consider when choosing a water filling machine:

1.Production capacity:

Determine the amount of water that needs to be filled per hour and select a machine that can meet that demand. If you are use a borehole well as resource.

Most borehole well water flow is 500-3500liter per hour. And per day just supply 20000liter more or less water. So that you do not need a super big speed bottle water filling machine which is waste your money. And you may only need a 1000-8000 bottles per hour(BPH) bottled water filling machine.

2. Bottle size

Make sure the machine is capable of filling the size of bottle you will be using. Like 200ml to 2000ml bottle water are use small-sacle bottle water filling machine. 2000ml to 10liter bottled water are use middle-sacle bottled water filling machine. 3 gallon to 6 gallon big barrel are use 5 gallon bottled watter filling mahcine.


It is important to choose a bottled water filling machine that is built with high-quality materials and has a good reputation for reliability because this will help ensure that the machine operates efficiently and effectively. High-quality materials will help reduce the risk of equipment failure and extend the lifespan of the machine. A good reputation for reliability means that the machine has been proven to perform well in a variety of conditions and is less likely to experience frequent breakdowns or malfunctions. This can help minimize downtime and increase production efficiency. When considering the quality of a bottled water filling machine, it may be helpful to do some research and read reviews or ask for references from the manufacturer or supplier.

4.Maintenance and service:

Choose a machine from a manufacturer that offers good technical support and has a track record of providing timely maintenance and service.

Any company do not offer installation is can not accepted while internation business. It is easy for one experienced to use a bottle water filling machine but difficult for one newer to used or install it.

In future, a electricity element broken will lead your machine no use at all if your supplier is disappear. So that it is very important to choose the manufacturer who long time stay and will stay long time.


Some company selling machine at high price because doing a lot advertisement. Some company just because they are not care about customer but selling machine to big customer with under-contact. So that it is not more expensive mean more high quality in the bottled water filling machine industry.

And some bottled water filling machine are aim for big speed for super company. Their cost is most for increase the speed of the machine while keep stable.

But most Africa bottle water company is use borehole which raw water flow is limit. Most of Africa bottle water company just need 2000-10000bottles per hour bottled water filling machine. A just suitable capacity bottle water filling machine of course will cheaper a lot.