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Fastest semiautomatic bottle blowing machine in the world

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  1. Once produce 4psc plastic bottle
  2. Automatic push the plastic bottle
  3. Automatic fall down and collect the plastic bottle

Semiautomatic bottle blowing machines are used to produce plastic bottles using a process called blow molding. These machines are typically faster and more efficient than manual bottle-making methods, but they are not as fast or automated as fully automatic bottle blowing machines.

bottle preform heater oven scaled

In general, semiautomatic bottle blowing machines operate by heating a plastic preform (a small, tube-shaped piece of plastic) until it is soft and pliable. The preform is then placed into a mold and hot air is blown into it, expanding the preform to fit the shape of the mold. The preform is then cooled to set the shape of the bottle.

Automatic pushing bottle and bottle auto fall down

4 cavity semiautomatic bottle blowing machine scaled

The fastest semiautomatic bottle blowing machine then automatic pushing the bottle from the mold and prepares it for the next cycle. The empty bottle will automatic fall down through inside tunnel so that do not need any worker manual removed it which delay the production like old type semiautomatic bottle blowing machine.