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Africa branch for water bottling plant installation


Africa engineer installation

Because of epidemic, China engineer difficult aboard to installation. But we have branch in Africa which can help customer install bottled water plant.

In past 20years. We build an lot water bottling plant in Africa. Some of local engineer come China learning over half a year. Now they can install Neptune bottled water plant easy. They install bottled water plant for NEPTUNE about 10years already. It is over a lot bottled water and sachet water filling factory success install by Africa engineer.

Payment & food and accommodation for engineer

  • Buy ticket come and back for engineer, do visa if need.
  • Take care of engineer food & accommodation in local by factory owner.
  • USD80/Day grant by factory owner. (If machine not buy from neptune, refuse install)

Prepare bottled water working before engineer coming.

deep borehole pump
Deep borehole pump

1. Raw water connection

Ready raw water connect. If use river raw water, need do an raw water pool,then do well pump and pipe for got river water to the pool. If use borehole water, need an deep borehole pump and pipe.

2. Ready electricity

Industry voltage is different with civil voltage. For example, China industry and factory use 380v/50hz/3phase while civil voltage use 220v/50hz/1phase. Before order all machine, factory owner need confirm voltage of his Country. Need consult local electricity engineer or other experienced engineer.

There are two way to got electricity, one use local government electricity, another is use diesel generator power. Neptune also sales generator power with basic local price. Suggestion add sound proof.

Sound proof Diesel GensetGenerator
Diesel generator power