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3 PSC Best Water Filling Machine Manufacturer In China


NO.1 Neptune

Neptune company aim to be the best 1000 bottles per hour to 8000 bottles per hour capacity best water filling machine manufacturer. Neptune Manufacturing high efficiency middle capacity water filling machine with cheap price. Good quality with stable.

Neptune is manufacturer of complete bottle water filling & bottling plant. Offer label and bottle design, oversea installation.Make it Easy to start bottle water business.


NO.2 NewamStart

NEWASTART is aim at 30000-60000 bottles per hour liquid packaging ensures the perfect combination of process design and the whole line project. A process design system has been established for different liquid packaging fields such as beverages, dairy products, wines, condiments and daily chemicals. According to different packaging forms and specific factory layout, turnkey solutions tailored for your project can be provided.

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Aim at 30000-60000 bottles per hour

Tech-Long, as a packing machine manufacturer has a wealth of domestic and international engineering general contracting management experience. Currently, it is one of the few international suppliers of complete packaging lines automated production turnkey from PET pellets to finished products.

Tech-Long has more than 260 processing equipment, more than 70 high-precision CNC machine tools, more than 120 professional operators, and 20 high-end craftsmen. In addition, Tech-Long has passed CE certification in Europe and UL certification in the United States and is an ISO9001 certified company.

For many years, Tech-Long has maintained long-term cooperation with internationally renowned component brands such as ABB, KUKA, KSS, SMC, AirTAC.