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how to Small Invest Start 5 Gallon Bottled Water Business

60bph 5gallon machine 副本

It is the smallest invest to start 5 gallon bottled water business and open an 5gallon bottled water factory in house or station. It inquirement an small production room. Just 10 square meter room is enough. And it inquire very few labor.

Everyone can start this 5gallon bottled water business easy.

Also, neptune supply the standard completely 5gallon bottled water automatic production line. It is the most bottled water company choice.

The smallest inquirement machine for open an 5gallon bottled water factory:

  • 1. 500 Liter/H Water treatment and purification system.
  • 2. 60 Bottles/H 5gallon bottle washing filling capping machine.

As we know, The bottle of the 5gallon bottled water is take back by bottled water company. Because the 5gallon bottled is reuse. Of course, every time got back the bottle, the bottled water company need an lot washing to make sure the 5gallon bottle clean.

How much it cost?

1. 500 Liter/H Water treatment and purification system.

Standard water treatment system for bottled water usually included a lot machine. And to reduce the cost. The best way is fixed the pure water tank into the RO system. We fit the RO system with pressure tank to save the pure water tank room and cost.

USD 1500

2. 60 Bottles/H 5gallon bottle washing filling capping machine.

It included 3station for washing the 5gallon bottled. NaOH washing, city water washing and pure water wshing.

Then filler and capper.

USD 2500

Total FOB price USD 4000

Did the price included shipment freight cost ?

So sorry, it do not included the shipment freight cost. Every seaport freight cost change every week. And freight shipment to some seaport even take a large proportion of all machine cost.

What else machine need ?

You can buy an raw water tank in local to save the freight cost. Also you can buy it from us. Just cost USD150. But the tank take room when freight.

How is the Installation?

Truthly said, We can send engineer oversea install, but the ticket visa and engineer traveling subsidy need buyer paid. It maybe total expensive than all machine cost.
Machine is very easy to use. Come with manual. Suggestion you find an local engineer help you install it. It need take an little risk .