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3 Step To Reduce Bottled Water Materials Cost Without Reduce Quality (Practice Working)

Different filling process will use different machine and materials. Because any water bottling factory producing large number of bottle water. So that every bottled water materials cost a little different will lead big profit different totally.

Use an 3millions per year production bottle water factory as example. Every piece bottle water save USD 0.001 , It is total USD 3000 different per year. Also the bottle water quality and brand is important. So what we should considerale is not effect the brand and quality ro reduce the materials cost.

3step to reduce bottled water materials cost

Coca Cola brand bottle water in China

It is use shorter preform and cap. And the labeling use PVC label. The package is use wrap film package.

Preform and cap

Both shorter cap and normal cap price is similar. Because the cap is really very light and only cost a little materials. The key is the preform. Both an 18gram and 22gram preform can use to produce 500ml bottled water. But the final bottle strong will different. And because the preform price different at only weight. So that 22gram will cost a lot.

water bottle use materials pet preform

18gram USD 0.0288

22gram USD 0.0352

Only 1piece preform different will at 0.0064. If 3millions per year production factory will different at USD 19200

Different weight will effect the strong and thickness of the bottle. Too strong or too thickness is not necessary for bottle water.

Also the bottle design will effect the thickness. Like square bottle will cost more materials than round bottle. That is why most bottle water use round design.

An good bottle blow molding machine will produce clear and good quality plastic bottle with less weight preform. Not only save materials cost, but also produce good quality bottle.

PVC label

Sleeve label for bottle water

Usually an 500ml bottle water PVC label just cost USD 0.004 per piece while an sticker label will cost USD 0.012 Per pice.

Eevery bottle water label cost will save USD 0.008. If 3millions per year production factory will different at USD 24000

PVC label usually use automatic sleeve labeling machine. It automatic sleeve label and made use of the shrinking tunnel heating the pvc label. Then label will shrinking and got tight on the bottle water, Do not have any sticker which touch customer hand future. Leave good impression to customer.

Wrap film for package

A lot bottle water is use paper carton case for bottled water package. It is look luxury. But the bottle water business is not luxury. This business key is convenient. Like traveling and sport got an clean pure water drinking. And carton case is easy been wet by water and rain. So that wrap film package is more and more use by bottle water factory.

wrap packing cola

Wrap film 1kg cost USD 2.5 depend on oil price change. 1kg can package 500psc 500ml bottle water. Per piece bottle water wrap film cost USD 0.005

Carton case will cost USD 1 just can package 24piece 500ml bottle water. Per piece bottle water carbon case cost USD 0.041

So that, an 500ml bottle water cost wrap film and carton case different at USD 0.036

3Million bottle water per year different at USD 108000

The wrap film and shrinking package machine is the final machine of an automatic water bottling plant. Not only price cheap, but also high automatic.

The three way to reduce materials. Not only theoretically, it is practice by an lot bottle water factory. And new brand mostly use this way. Even old brand new product are use those way. Like coca coke new brand and else.