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HACCP for Bottled Water Production

Bottled Water Plant Production Hazards Analysis Critical Control Point(HACCP)

Key Point : Reduce human being touch and air in the environment pollution.

Science and technology promotes productivity. Here we briefly the HACCP in pure bottled water production
HACCAP is shorter of the Hazards Analysis Critical Control Point.
First Analysis the hazards factor in the bottle water production plant,Then Critical Control the point to improve production bottled water quality.

Hazard factor analysis in the production

  1. Deterioration of the source water quality
  2. Pre-treatment filter like activated carbon filter or precision filter treatment process time too long or flow too big will lead bacteria reproduce. Filtration, ion exchange or reverse osmosis quality too bad will caused the bacteria reproduce。
  3. Sterilized only by a small UV sterilization or use small ozone generator is directly added to the small amount of ozone sterilization, sterilization limited capacity, can not completely kill the bacteria in the pure water, the water quality after sterilization passing rate was 52.5%.
  4. Long pipeline transportation and storage pipeline and storage tank is too large, the storage tank anticorrosion, long storage time, the bacteria easily contaminated breeding. Containers, pipes (especially pipe joints) and the quality is too poor, and its contents easily precipitate cause pollution.
  5. Filling and Capping workshop without air conditioning or air purification and bacteria easily air pollution pure water filling, the artificial filling pure water easily caused by man-made pollution. Water after filling a pass rate of 40.0% versus 52.5% after the sterilization decreased, as shown in Table 1, which may be related to the pipeline transportation, storage and filling the related pollution. The caps unsterilized placed directly gland or cap disinfection time when the gland too long cap pollution, another bottle cap low quality, sealing lax, is also susceptible to bacterial contamination of the air.
  6. Improper operation of the packaging and transportation staff, so the cap loose, bacteria easily enter the air and cause pollution.

Critical Control Point

automatic water bottling plant layout

1. Selection the best underground source water , Protection of the environment around source water to prevent contamination from the ground.

2. Filtration, ion exchange, reverse osmosis process Regular cleaning, replace the filter, or switch to larger models and the quality of the filter; regular treatment, replacement of ion exchange resins, reverse osmosis materials, or to switch to larger models and the quality is excellent exchange resins, reverse osmosis materials.

3. Sterilization Ozone generator switch to larger models or additional ozone mixing tower, ozone and pure water mix well to ensure thorough sterilization of pure water. Suggestion 3 gram ozone for every 1000 Liter water.

4. Shorten the Pipeline transportation and storage. To shorten the length of the pipeline, to reduce the finished pure water storage capacity and storage time, storage workshop storage tank should have air conditioning and air purification facilities. The pipeline transporting purified water should enter the storage tank at the bottom rather than from the top into the one hand, can prevent ozone loss, on the other hand to prevent the germs in the purified water and air pollution caused. Quality assurance should be used containers, pipes, pipe fittings (stainless steel materials, etc.) to avoid precipitation of its contents contamination pure water, pipelines, containers should be regularly cleaned and disinfected.

5. Filling and capping Disinfection recoil bottle filling should be automated production lines, eliminate man-made pollution, the workshop should be air-conditioning and air purification facilities, to reduce the contamination of air quality clearance products, disinfectant should be used, to avoid secondary pollution recoil water the finished pure water should be used. Cap after the finished pure water rinse, and then by ozone disinfection and preservation. Cap quality must be good to avoid the cap loose, to ensure the finished pure water does not contamination. Martin Eden according Yunxiang Wang, Bing Weng, Zili Wang(Guangdong Province Sanitary Supervision Institute) article and design this system for shenzhen neptune bottled water machinery,Any other company copy us is illegal and invalid.

6. Inspection Establish a strict inspection system, sampling and testing to finished the entire production process, from the source water.
HACCP system
In response to these hazards analysis critical control point pure water production control the comparison of water samples after various production processes, sterilization. Before and after sterilization after filling with a pass rate of finished products increased by 90.0%, 81.0%, 131.3%, 108.8%.