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Premium 3in1 Bottled Water Filling Machine: Efficiency and Precision for Seamless Production


FOB PRICE $16930


NF 16-12-6 Washing-Filling-Capping (Three-in-One Unit) Machine, 1SET
Air compressor, 1SET
Cap automatic loading and feeding machine, 1SET
Convey System (2M Air conveyor,1psc air blower,2M conveyor,1psc motor), 1SET
Light check, 1SET

3in1 Bottle water filling machine collect rinser filler and capper in one machine. HIgh efficient production of bottled water range from 200ml to 2liter .

Monoblock filling machine aim to ensure bottling process accuracy and hygiene. monoblock bottling machine is the most important of the water bottling plant.

Key features :

  1. Washing: 16psc rinser valve make sure continued washing the plastic bottle before filling.
  2. Filling: 12psc filler valave make sure continued accurately dispenses the desired amount of water into each bottle.
  3. Capping: After filling, the bottles are sealed with caps. 6psc capper head ensures a tight and secure seal.
  4. Automation: It is typically automated, reducing the need for manual labor.
  5. Adjustable Capacity: It is designed to handle different bottle sizes and screw cap.
  6. Hygiene Standards: It is constructed with materials that meet hygiene standards to ensure the purity and safety of the bottled water. All touch liquid part use s.s316 other use s.s304.
  7. User-Friendly Interface: It come with user-friendly interfaces, making operation and monitoring straightforward.
  8. Durable Construction: Built with durable materials to withstand the rigors of continuous operation in a production environment.


Production Capacity4000 Bottles per hour
Washing Head Quantity16
Filling Valve Quantity12
Capping Head Quantity6
Filling TypeConstant Pressure Filling
Main Motor Power2.2KW
Cap Elevating Motor Power0.34KW
Consume Water1.2T/h ( Un-including drink water)
Control TypePLC
Dimension2100 X 1500X2200mm
Net Weight:3500kg 

rotary Synchronize Working, Fast and stable

rotary bottle washing

Rotary Rinser

Every washing head is moving together with the bottle. After 360 degree and back to next bottle. So every bottle washing is continued without waiting.

rotary bottle filling scaled

Rotary Filler

Every filling head is moving together with the bottle. After 360 degree and back to next bottle filling. So that every bottle filling is continued without waiting.

rotary bottle capping scaled

Rotary Capper

Every capping head is moving together with the bottle. After 360 degree and back to next bottle capping. So that every bottle capping is continued without waiting.

3in1 water Filling Machine Working Process

3in1 bottle water filling machine layout

Bottles are fed from conveyor chain into the water filling machine monoblock via star wheel. Bottle clamp installed on the rotary wheel of the rinse will grip bottle mouth and make a 180° turn along a guide track to face the bottle mouth downward.

In designated section of the rinse, rinsing water will jet out from special nozzles to flush bottle inside wall. After rinsing and dripping, bottles gripped by bottle clamp will make another 180° turn along a guide track to resume bottle mouth facing up position.

Clean bottles are discharged out of the rinse by a star wheel to feed the filler. After entering the filler, bottles are retained by neck supporting carrier plates, which are actuated by bottle carrier mechanism to raise them to engage with filling valves.

Filling valves are opened by bottle presence signals. After finishing filling, valves are closed by valve closing mechanism to further stop venting to complete the filling process. Bottle carrier mechanism is lowered by a cam to disengage filled bottles with filling valves.

Then bottles are transferred into the capper by a neck handling star wheel. Anti-rotation blades on capping heads will seize the bottleneck to prevent it from rotation and hold it in a upright position.

The twist-on capping head will make revolving and rotating movement along with the machine to finish the complete capping process of cap picking, placing, twisting, and disengaging under the control of a cam. A discharge star wheel discharges finished bottles onto discharge conveyor belt to be conveyed out of the filling monoblock.

cap Automatic loading and feeding equipment

water cap automatic loading and feeding equipment
Come with the 3in1 water filling machine, price already included.

How It Works:

  1. Cap Loading: It efficiently loads caps from the storage-tank onto the conveyor system.
  2. Automatic Conveyance: Caps are automatically conveyed from the loading station to the filling machine, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted process.
  3. Seamless Integration: The equipment seamlessly integrates with your existing production line, enhancing overall workflow and reducing bottlenecks.

Key Features:

🚀 Automated Cap Loading:

  • Say goodbye to manual cap handling. Automates the cap-loading process, significantly reducing labor and increasing overall efficiency.

🔧 Seamless Conveyor Integration:

  • Enjoy a seamless transition from cap loading to the filling machine. The equipment features an automatic conveyor system that ensures a continuous flow of caps to meet your production demands.

🌐 Screw Cap Types:

  • Designed to accommodate various screw cap types, our equipment is versatile, allowing you to use it with different styles and sizes of water bottle screw caps.


🕒 Time-Saving Efficiency:

  • Increase the speed of your water production line with automated cap loading, saving valuable time and boosting overall efficiency.

💼 Labor Reduction:

  • Minimize the need for manual labor in the cap-loading process, allowing your workforce to focus on more skilled tasks.

🔍 Quality Assurance:

  • Ensure consistent cap placement, reducing the risk of errors and enhancing the overall quality of your bottled water products.

Water-Bottle & Water-Cap

What is the production capacity of the 3-in-1 bottle water filling machine?

The production capacity of the 3-in-1 water bottle filling machine varies based on the size of the bottles being filled. Here are the details:

750ml Soda water

For 300ml to 600ml bottles: 4000 bottles per hour

500ml bottle water scaled

For 700ml to 1000ml bottles: 3000 bottles per hour

1500ml bottled water scaled

For 1500ml to 2000ml bottles: 2000 bottles per hour

3IN1 Bottle water filling machine is designed to accommodate different bottle shapes. It features flexibility in adjusting to various bottle shapes and sizes, making it suitable for a range of packaging preferences. This adaptability allows businesses to diversify their product offerings and cater to different market demands. Whether the bottles are round or square, and regardless of their specific dimensions, the machine can be adjusted or customized to ensure efficient filling, capping, and labeling processes for a variety of bottle shapes in the water bottling industry.

Can the machine handle different bottle sizes and shapes?

28mm PCO 1880 pet preform for water bottle
30mm PCO3025 pet preform for water bottle

3-in-1 bottle water filling machine is designed to handle different bottle sizes and shapes. It is primarily intended for screw-type bottles and caps, with a typical size of 28mm or 30mm. The machine can accommodate bottle volumes ranging from 200ml to 2000ml. For specific bottle and cap dimensions outside the typical range, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer for specialized settings. This flexibility makes the machine suitable for a variety of bottled water products.

Complete Water bottling Plant


Bottled water filling machines play a crucial role in the bottle water plant, allowing companies to efficiently produce, package, and distribute purified water in various bottle sizes and shapes.

Key Features:

  • 🔄 Fully Automated: Minimize manual efforts with our advanced automated technology.
  • 🌐 Turnkey Solution: Start production without the need for extra equipment.
  • 👩‍🔧 Efficient Workforce: 5 workers required for the entire process.

Ready to revolutionize your bottled water business? Click the link for pricing details and take the first step toward effortless production!

different capacity bottle water filling machine


2000BPH 3IN1 Bottled Water Filling Machine

PRICE $11000

  • Fully automatic
  • Production 2000 bottles per hour
  • 8-8-3 monoblock collect rotary rinser, filler and capper in one machine.
3in1 bottle water filling machine

8000BPH Water Bottling Machine 3in1

PRICE $23330

  • Fully automatic
  • Production 8000 bottles per hour
  • 24-24-8 monoblock collect rotary rinser, filler and capper in one machine.
4in1 Semi Automatic Water Bottling Machine With bottled water scaled

4in1 semi-Auto Bottle Rinser Filler Capper Labeler machine

  • Semiautomatic
  • Production 2000 bottles per hour
  • Included rinser, filler, capper and labeler.
3in1 bottle water washing filling capping machine scaled

Semiautomatic 2000BPH Water bottling machine

  • Semiautomatic
  • Production 2000 bottles per hour
  • Included rinser, filler and capper.