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Water bottle adhesive labeling machine

Best Bottle Self Adhesive Labeling Machine for round bottle with cheap price

Water bottle adhesive labeling machine is for the pressure sensitive type dry glue applied adhesive label, the label will be roll-fed type to pre-set the label through the locating post for guiding the label into the right place for the pressure sensitive label application station, where the label will be applied onto the bottle by wrap around on the bottle automatically.

Parameter Of Water Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine

Labeling capacity0-6000 Bottles per hour
Label typeAdhesive dry glue applied label
Label height30mm to 200mm
Label input systemRoll type feeding gearing and setting system, with guiding post
Screw gearing conveyorScrew gearing inlet with motor system
Bottle typeRound / sqare bottle
Bottle diameterdia28 mm to dia125mm
Bottle hright30mm to 400mm
Bottle sensor systemMitsubishi Japan
Roll-feed label setting plateSS304 material
Labeling applying processWrap around pressure sensitive type
Label sensor systemMitsubishi Japan
PLC controlMitsubishi PLC
Electrical systemOmron Japan sensors, relay,  switch and components.
Machine Dimension2000 x 1200 x 1300mm
Packing dimension2100 x 1300 x 1350mm
Net weight140kgs
Gross Weight150kgs

Video Of The Self Adhesive Labeling Machine

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adhesive label for water bottle
sticker label for water bottle

The neptune self adhesive labeling machine updated 9times in past 12 years. Aim to improve the efficiency of labeling. Accurate the labeling position to improve the labeling stability.

It is fully automatic and prefect connect with other water bottling machine with conveyor belt. Avoid a series of problems such as low efficiency of manual labeling and film pasting, skewed adhesion, blistering and wrinkles, and irregular adhesion position;

Effectively reduce materials costs, improve the aesthetics of product identification, and increase product competitiveness.

The main materials of the equipment are made of all aluminum alloy materials, and the overall structure is firm and beautiful;

Controlled by standard micro PLC and standard sensor electronic control system, the equipment has stable performance.

LAYOUT Of The Adhesive Labeling Machine

labeling machine

The working process of the round bottle adhesive labeling machine involves using self-adhesive roll labeling paper for labeling. It employs a rolling label type process to ensure sanitation, firmness, and efficiency.