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CM-8Y1 BM-S2 BM-BY1 Semiautomatic bottle blow molding machine Instructions And Troubleshooting manual

blow molding machine for small plastic pet bottle semiautomatic type

Semiautomatic blow molding machine mainly included three manual as follow

  1. Rotary Infrared Heater Manual
  2. 2cavity Blowing Shaping Manual
  3. Computer Control Manual

1.Rotary Infrared Heater Manual

Rotating oven

I.Technical parameter
1.power supply:380v
2.Total power:17.5kw
3.using power:7.2kw
4.Heating tube power:600w28=16.8kw 5.Motor power:0.55kw 6.Pre-form support: 72pcs 7.Pre-form heating range: Applicable for various kinds of pre-forms 8.Overall dimension:18765*145cm

II.Working principles and structure
1.Working principles
Rotary infrared heater heats pre-forms by moving pre-forms to pass through infrared heating area twice. by this method, heating is uniform and of high efficiency,
Infrared heating area is strictly divided into seven zones of A,B,C,D,E,F,G from up to down, Temperature requirements for all parts of pre-form are satisfied by controlling temperature of corresponding zones.
The feeding of pre-form for heating and taking away of heated pre-form shall be conducted manually which is simple and convenient.
Rotary infrared heater consists of heating system, cooling system, pre-form conveying system, constant temperature system,etc.
1>.Infrared heating system:
28pcs infrared tubes are fixed by an adjustable fixing frame in two rows and seven zones. Distance between cartridge heaters can be adjusted freely. Boards which can reflect light and absorb heat are installed inside the drying tunnel, so as to improve utilization rate, absorb surplus energy and prevent the outer wall of pre-form being overheated and whitening.

Infrared heating tubes are controlled by digital display intelligence pressure regulator with controllable silicon, featuring clear visual display, easy operation and accurate and stable adjustment.
2>.Cooling system:
The device is air cooled, compressed air sends cooled air to the mouth of pre-form directly through square tubes to cool the pre-form openings being heated in the drying tunnel for the purpose of avoiding distortion of pre-form.
3>.Pre-form conveying system
Pre-form conveying system includes pre-form support revolution chain unit, rotation chain unit. the power-driving system employs dampening and speed-reduction,gear chain transmission, featuring: low noise, low failure rate and easy for maintenance.
4>.Constant temperature system.
A temperature sensor is mounted inside the drying tunnel, which is used to collect signals and control exhaust fan. A constant temperature can be set according to the requirements to guarantee constant temperature in the drying tunnel.
III.Operation method.
1.Basic operation:
First open the front door, Turn the circuit Breaker to ON and close the door, press the RUN key on the speed-regulation panel ⑫of main unite. Then turn on the speed-regulation switch ⑯ of the auxiliary unit and the intelligence voltage regulator switch⑮. The valve of Temperature controller ⑫ MTD

90℃) generally has been set by factory.
The intelligence voltage regulator is divided into seven areas of TCA,TCB,TCC,TCD,TCE,TCF,TCG.The user may choose proper areas to vary the valve by pressing the “ “ “ “keys on the panel depending on the conditions of pre-form to be heated, The valve displayed on the panel is voltage which decides the capacity of heaters.
Note: as above operation for production through selecting our mould and pre-form
2.Practical Operations
1>.The heating of pre-forms are subject to high or low temperature and long or short time through heating areas, For large pre-form with thick walls, the heating temperature shall be high, besides increasing the valve of voltage regulator, and can also properly reduce valve of speed-regulator of main unit so as to prolong heating time. On the one hand, for small pre-form with thin walls, the intelligence voltage regulator shall be set at lower valve and the speed regulator shall be set at high valve so as to obtain the favorable temperature for blowing of pre-forms.
2>Before mass production, a test with 1-2pcs of pre-forms is required to obtainthe best heating temperature.
3>.If one pre-form fails to be blown, it can be re-heated for blowing again.
3.Details of heating pre-forms in an oven.

image 2

1.To be opened layers of lamps are subject to height of pre-form.. For example, Pro-form A as show in the above figure need 5 layers of lamps, so there will be needed to open A,B,C,D,E five voltage-regulator table; Pre-form B need open 7 layers of A,B,C,D,E,F,G
2.The valve of Frequency converter shall be set at 20HZ in case of blowing mineral water bottles, and 15 HZ for high-temperature resistant bottles. The valve of Temperature controller shall generally be set at 95℃ for mineral water bottle and 110℃ for hot-resistant bottles.
3.Generally, the voltage of lamp at lower layers shall be slightly higher than that of upper layers. For example, in case of pre-form A, the voltage is 80v at layer 1, 70v at layer 2,60v at layer 3,50v at layer 4, 55v at layer 5. in case of pre-form B, the voltage is 85v at layer 1.80v at layer 2,75v at layer 3,70v at layer 4,60v at layer5,50v at layer 6,55V at layer 7.

The above parameter is only for reference.
4>.How to get the standard temperature.
Take the above as an example, the frequency converter shall be set at 20HZ for blowing mineral water bottles. First turn the speed regulator to 18HZ,then vary the voltage of various layers to allow the pre-form get slightly whiten in each part after moving a cycle in the oven. Finally turn the speed to 20HZ. If the pre-form looks clear after moving a cycle in the oven, the temperature at this point is the standard temperature.
IV.Basic operation for all parts.
1.Lamp frame adjustment.
1>.Refered to diagram of the 13th page. Putting two pre-form to beheating in bottle support of input mouth⑥ and output mouth ⑥respectively.
2>.Be sure that③and ⑳ can move freely from up to down or left to right.
3>.First adjust⑥and the front②of ⑳ to make down brim of ③and⑳ be level with mouth of pre-form, then level distance which adjustbottom of lamp frame and mouth of pre-form approximate 5-10mm,Mouth of reflecting board and edge of pre-form is also 5-10mm.Finally lock tightly the front screw cap②.
The rear and another drying tunnel are operated as the front step.
2.operation and instruction of The intelligence voltage table⑪

image 3

1. button for waiting start and close. When controller is awaiting, silicon controlled does not output, window of controller SV displays “ off ”(yellow green colour). But self-controller is still working, lamp heating ④does not work.
2.Under the waiting situation, press button and controller will start to work, SV windows displays digital before, such as 50(yellow green colour). PV’ Windows digital will arrive target which was pre-set. For example 50(red colour ). The 4pcs heating tube of area by controller start working (the lamp light),press again , the heating tube of the area stop working promptly(the light extinguish)
A,B,C,D,E,F,G,7 controller control A,B,C,D,E,F,G, heating tube of 7 areas respectively in the drying tunnel, one to one conrespondence, i e. A controls A,B to B, per area have 4 heating tubes.
The user can open and close heating tube of respective area as practical requested.

image 4

3.Operation and instruction of Intelligence temperature controlle⑫

image 5

1.Open ⑮after connecting power well,
PV windows displays INP, SV windows displays 01 , a few seconds later,OUT1 lamp lights(yellow green colour),SV windows displays pre-set digital, like as 90,PV windows displays digital of under 90, then arrive up to 90 tardily. When the digital is coming to 90,cooled fan① start to work, or over 90, exhaust heating for reducing and control temperature of inside oven, so as to keep temperature in the scope.. when temperature will come to 90 or over 90,OUT1 lamp extinguishes ,ALM1 lamp lights. Exhaust heating fan
① starts to work, exhaust heating to out for reducing and controlling temperature of inside oven. Be assure to keep proper temperature in the scope. When PV windows displays the digital is under digital of SV windows ,ALM1 lamp extinguishes,OUT1 lamp lights, Fan stops working.
2.setting of temperature.
Press SET key, there will be 3 of 4 digitals for coruscating in the SV windows, only one stops, press key , then uncoruscating digital starts to increase or reduce, now you can adjust it for suitable situation, press SET key for confirm finally, that is ok. If any other ,value will be adjusted,please press shift key to proper place you need,when cursor stops,press to be set value,finally press set for confirming.
4.Operation and instruction of Transducer panel

image 6

Instruction of Indicating light situation:
For: Red lamp lighting means working normally
Rev: Red lamp lighting means running contrarily
Power :Red lamp lighting means transducer is connected with electrical source.
Run: Red lamp lighting means working
Stop: Red lamp lighting means stopping

image 7

Operation steps:
1>.Transducer electrified, indicating light, FOR, POWER, STOP will light, digital windows displays F 20.0 (Generally set by factory)
2>.Press RUN key: indicating light, FOW, POWER, RUN will light, at the

image 8

V.Maintenance, servicing and notes for use.
1.The reducer shall be lubricated regularly, generally with 10# engine oil.Running lack of oil is strictly prohibited. After the new equipment has run for
100 hours, replace lubricant in the reducer, and after that, lubricate every six months.
2.Check if all wires are well connected.
3.Prevent the machine from significant vibration, for infrared cartridge heatersin the heater is fragile

image 9

2. 2cavity Blowing Shaping Manual

blower of blow molding machine 1200

I. Product briefing
Stretch Blow Moulding Machine is suitable to produce differently shaped bottles from PET tube. It is widely used to produce Mineral water carbonated drink, candy sauce, juice, medicine, cosmetic and oil bottle etc.
The machine adopts revolving infrared pre-heater. It ensures extremely even heating for PET preforms.
The machine uses mechanical-double-arm mould clamping which ensure the mould be closed tightly even in high pressure.
The air system has been divided into two parts:
Pneumatic action part and bottle blowing part .It can provide sufficient and steady high pressure for blowing irregularly shaped large bottles.
The machine is also equipped with a silencer and an oiling pump to reduce noise and friction.
The machine can be operated in the step-by-step mode and the semi-auto mode.
The machine is small with low cost, easy and safe to operate. And it meets the need of beverage manufacturer, polyester bottle producer in city and countryside and is ideal bottle blowing equipment for pesticide; chemistry and medical care industry and so on.
II. Main technical specification and size.

  1. Max. volume of product: 2000ml
  2. Production Capacity: 800pieces per hour
  3. Heating Power rate: rated, 14 Kw, working power rate: 7.2 Kw.
  4. Air source pressure: 2.5mpa
    5.Max. Mould Size: 20×35×38cm
  5. Max. Mould Moving Size; 17 cm
  6. Distance between the centers of two bottles: 9-20cm
  7. Max. stretching length:35cm
  8. Weight: 650 Kg
  9. Appearance: Main machine, 160×60×161cm

III. Structure and functions
A. Main machine: composed of machine body, closing structure, sealing stretching, and blowing machine, all together four parts.
a. Closing structure is composed of fixed mould plate, moving mould plate, cylinder, and double bending arms and connecting poles. The air source is controlled by the helping of the connecting poles and double bending arms; the plates open and close thereby.
b. The sealing stretching is controlled respectively by two left/right cylinders independently, conducting left and right stretching and sealing. It is also controlled by two solenoid valves of two position and five routes. They can adjust the air blowing retention time of the two cylinders respectively.
c. The air source comes from the second level filter first, and then goes to two big size two-position-three-routes solenoid valves to blow high-pressure air to make bottles from preforms.
d. The operation screen is installed with microcomputer controller. It has LCD displaying function, manual or automatic functions switches. They control the time of opening and closing of mould, sealing stretching and blowing. Easy and convenient to operate.
V. Usage and Character
CM-8Y Micro-computer Half Automatic Hallow Blowing Machine is the new equipment which produces plastic hallow containers of PET. It has the advantages of energy-saving, small size, low investment, (fast money back), efficient, and reasonable structure and is widely used in food, medicine, cosmetic, pesticide-killer, chemical and beverage packaging industries.

  1. Equipped with microcomputer control, easy to operate.
  2. Heating part is IR heating tube, controlled by imported controlling silicon. The moving part is equipped with three phases motor, and drived by frequency changing part.
  3. There are left and right cylinders in sealing stretching part. the stretching length can be adjusted automatically, and the time for air blowing can be adjusted freely. the bottle blowing can benefit from doing so.
  4. The waste air can be exhausted from a silencer inside the machine. It reduces the possibility of creating water drop, and is prevented from making noise.
  5. There are two air storage barrels inside the main machine and one high, one low, pressure-reducing valve.

V. Installation

  1. Please connect the oven to power supply, 380 v
  2. Plug the four core power plug, or connect main machine to 220-v power supply.
  3. Connecting air tube, pumping the air.
    VI. Operation and commissioning
  4. The dismantling and installation of blowing bottle mould, place the mould tight on the mould plate. The mould should be installed vertically and parallel. The two mould should be face to face correctly. Then, tighten the fixing nails.
  5. The adjustment of stretching pole and sealing cylinder.
    Loose the fixed nails on the back of the cylinder, make the stretching pole vertical against the opening, and be centered and the pole head should nearly touches the bottom of the bottle mould. The bottom of poles should be absolutely on the same line, not one high, the other low. Then tighten the fixed nail.
  6. Heating of preform and bottle blowing.
    Connecting to power supply, switch on 4 air switches. Turn on the switches of the fans on the plate. Adjust the six electrical positions so that the IR heating tubes have the required volts according to the data supplied by the manufacturer. The alarming temperature should be between 95-100 centigrade degree. After 30 minutes, the exhaustion fans will start, and then you can put preforms into the oven.
    After the heating up or preforms coming out from the oven, put the preform on
    the blowing mould, press the start up button, then it will complete the following procedure as follows:
    Closing–sealing stretching—left air blowing retention/right air blowing retention —- left air blowing/right air blowing.
    Then the procedure or action will be repeated. This is the process of production. If the trial blowing is successful, then put the preforms into the oven. Note: please do not put all the preforms into the oven before the trial blowing.
    The closing, sealing, stretching, air blowing checking, the air blowing timing and controlled by the microcomputer. To get qualified bottles depends on the quality of preforms, the wall thickness of preforms, product shape and other factors.
    When blowing, especially, the blowing time is very essential to the formation of bottles, besides the data reference provided by our factory, users should depend on the data they themselves collect during production.

Function Name Data
Closing time 8.00S
Sealing retention time 1.80S
Sealing time 6.80S
Stretch retention time 1.80S
Stretch time 6.80S
Left air blowing retention time 0.28S
Left air blowing time 2.80S
Right air blowing retention time 0.28S
Right air blowing time 2.80S
Power distribution chamber cable color:
Closing–brown power supply–red
Automatic–yellow left air blowing–blue
Sealing stretching–orange stop–green
Right air blowing–pink start up–white
Ground wire–black ground wire—gray
How to operate the main machine;
Connecting to the power supply. The microcomputer controller will show time, date and other functions.

BFC-78D type controller is a microcomputer control use the LSI as it’s core , It equipped with the LCD screen.This type of controller has advantages in high dependability 、easy wire connection、small cube、easy operation. It also can save the setting data for long time without the batteries.The control has more function such as :manual control 、auto control、time setting and product counter etc .
The characteristic of 78 C series follows:

  1. ■ hardware use the WATCHDOG.
  2. ■ apheliotropic STM128*64 dot LCD display.
  3. ■ EEPROM data save . Battery free.
  4. ■ calculator function
    Ⅰ. Control panel brief introduction :
image 10

All of the control panel divided into 4 areas :

  1. Manual control area. 2. Parameter set area.
  2. State indication area 4. LCD display area.
    1 . Manual control area :
    In this area there are eight manual control keys, all of these key can control the power of Close mould valve ,Stretch valve ,Left first blowing valve ,Right first blowing valve ,Left second blowing valve, Right second blowing valve , left excrete , right excrete .
    2 . parameter setting area :
    This part is used for setting the parameters for the work . First press the set key , then the LCD screen will display :
image 11

3 .state indication :
This area has 23 indicator lights and divided into four groups: atmolysis movement valve indicator light, timer movement indicator light. Power indicator light and the button indicator light .
⑴. the power indicator light will be shine when it works in the right place.
⑵the relevant atmolysis movement valve indicator light will be shine under the manual or auto run
⑶the timer will be counter the time ,and the timer movement indicator light will be shine Under auto run.
⑷ switch button the relevant button indicator light will be shine When in auto run , and the QA is start button while TA is urgent stop button.
4、LCD display area :
When the control is working , this part will display manual run or auto run. When under the manual condition, it won’t display the product number, but displays the 0000. When under the automatic conditions , it will displays the number of the product and show the surplus time. When it is in power, the initial condition will be

image 12
image 13
image 14
image 15

Note: P B1 : Start button PB2:Quik stop button
D1:Close mould valve D2:Stretch valve
D3:Left first blowing valve D4:Right first blowing valve
D5:Left second blowing valve D6:Right second blowing valve
D7:Left excrete valve D8:Right excrete valve

image 16

VII. Maintenance

  1. Please keep the machine tidy, prevent the components inside the machine from being damaging.
  2. The moving parts connecting the action transmission should be lubricated once every shift.
  3. The oil in oil-fog container should be kept no less than one third of the full amount.
  4. The oil/water in the separating component should be discharged twice every shift.
  5. The fixed nails of all part should always be checked for loosing.
  6. When changing moulds, the two parts should be adjusted precisely. And after manual moulding trial, air moving moulding trial should be carried out
  7. When installing this machine, please connect the ground wire to earth so as to keep safe.
  8. All electrical components should not be exposed to acid or alkali. Please keep them dry.
  9. Should the sealing rubber buffer in the blowing parts be damaged, please replace it promptly.

VIII, Failure and Trouble Shooting

image 17

VIIII. Abnormal products and trouble-shooting

image 18

3.Computer Control Manual

This controller is a microcomputer control use the LSI as it’s core , It equipped with the LCD screen.This type of controller has advantages in high dependability 、easy wire connection、small cube、easy operation. It also can save the setting data for long time without the batteries.The control has more function such as :manual control 、auto control、time setting and product counter etc .
The characteristic of 70302 C series follows:

  1. ■ hardware use the WATCHDOG.
  2. ■ apheliotropic STM128*64 dot LCD display.
  3. ■ EEPROM data save . Battery free.
  4. ■ calculator function
    Ⅰ. Control panel brief introduction :
image 19

All of the control panel divided into 4 areas :
Manual control area. 2. Parameter set area.
State indication area 4. LCD display area.
1 . Manual control area :
In this area there are eight manual control keys, all of these key can control the power of Close mould valve ,Stretch valve ,Left first blowing valve ,Right first blowing valve ,Left second blowing valve, Right second blowing valve , left excrete , right excrete .
2 . parameter setting area :

image 20
image 21
image 22
image 23
image 24
image 25
image 26